Rabiot the octopus can predict Japan’s results at the World Cup by swimming to the area of a pool holding the flag of the team it thinks will win.
Screengrab by Zoey Chong/CNET

Apparently being psychic doesn’t save an animal from becoming food on the table.

Rabiot, the giant Pacific octopus from Hokkaido that successfully predicted Japan’s wins and losses thrice in the 2018 World Cup, was “gutted, cleaned and sent off to the market” ahead of a match against the Belgians, South China Morning Post reported Tuesday.

Understandably, people are upset over the eight-legged creature’s fate.

There are many animals that have been touted as psychic for their abilities to predict World Cup results, including an adorable white feline called Achilles, who is also deaf. Another octopus that foretold World Cup results called Paul was found dead in its home — not killed for food — almost a decade ago.

I don’t know if Rabiot saw its own future, but I won’t be surprised if anyone tells me karma had a role in Japan’s defeat despite a two-goal lead.

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