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For a limited time, you can renew your passport online.
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The US State Department is preparing to officially launch its online passport renewal system to all Americans. Before it goes full steam, the MyTravel.gov website is launching monthly pilot programs for people willing to test out the online renewal system.

The pilot program for October is currently open, but you’ll need to act soon: The first testing period in August filled the available 25,000 slots in 10 days. 

A notice from the State Department about the limited pilot program for online passport renewal in OctoberA notice from the State Department about the limited pilot program for online passport renewal in October
MyTravelGov/Screenshot by Peter Butler/CNET

The online passport renewal system stems from an executive order from President Joe Biden stating, “the Secretary of State shall design and deliver a new online passport renewal experience that does not require any physical documents to be mailed”

The agency accepted 25,000 applications in both August and September, so it’s likely that it will accept the same amount in October. To join the pilot program for online passport renewal, you’ll need to be ready with a MyTravelGov account and be aware of all the program restrictions. Read on to learn who can apply for a passport renewal online and how the system works.

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How does the new online passport renewal program work?

Normally, you’d handle a passport renewal by mail. You’d package up your old physical passport, fill out form DS-82, include a new physical passport photo, calculate your passport renewal fees, add a check or money order, mail off your application and wait a couple months. 

For speedier processing, a $60 fee for expedited service currently reduces the waiting time to five to seven weeks, and the Department of State has special processes for extremely urgent or emergency travel.

With the new passport renewal system, you can complete the request online, upload a digital photo, pay electronically… and then still wait a couple months. Maybe. 

The Department of State is not yet promising expedited renewal for online passports — it’s still sticking with its eight-to-11 week estimate, regardless of how you apply. However, early applicants for online passport renewals have reported quick turnaround times — some as fast as two weeks or even less.

Despite the greater ease of processing online applications, passport fees will remain the same: $130 for a passport book, $30 for a passport card and $160 for both. Online applicants can also pay the additional $60 fee for expedited service.

Who can renew their passports online?

During the testing phase of the online passport renewal system, the Department of State has put some strict regulations on who can apply. The two main requirements are:

  • Passport renewal applicants must be 25 or older, with an existing physical passport in good condition that has been valid or was valid for 10 years
  • That required passport must have been issued at least nine years ago, but not longer than 15 years ago (between 2007 and 2013)

Those are the main qualifications for online passport renewal, but the Department of State includes additional caveats:

  • You cannot change your name, gender, or date or place of birth
  • You can only renew online for tourist passports, not special issuance
  • You must live in the US
  • You must be able to pay your passport fees by credit card, debit card or electronic ACH bank transfer
  • You must be able to upload an acceptable digital passport photo
  • You should be aware that your existing passport will immediately become invalid

If I am eligible, how do I renew my passport online?

First you’ll need to create a MyTravelGov account on the Department of State’s website, if you don’t already have one. Don’t worry — the process is much quicker and faster than registering for an IRS account or buying savings bonds online.

Visit the MyTravelGov portal and click the big blue button that says Click here for your MyTravelGov account log-in. That will take you to the sign-in page, but if you don’t already have an account, click SIgn up at the bottom.

A quick registration form asks for your legal name, email address and a strong password. That’s all that’s required, although you can also include your mailing address, which the Department of State will need eventually. After completing the CAPTCHA, click the blue Create Account button.

MyTravelGov will then send you a verification email to the email address you included in the sign-up form. Click the verification link, and MyTravelGov will request you answer three security questions — I suggest recording your answers somewhere you won’t lose them.

After completing the security questions, MyTravelGov will then send a one-time code to your email that allows you to log in to your account. If you need assistance managing the MyTravelGov registration, a helpful Department of State tutorial video can walk you through the entire process:

Once you’ve created your MyTravelGov account, a message on the home page will provide you with an option to “Renew Passport.”

A screenshot of the MyTravelGov website showing the link to renew passports onlineA screenshot of the MyTravelGov website showing the link to renew passports online

Click the “Renew Passport” button on the MyTravelGov home page to start the process

MyTravelGov/Screenshot by Peter Butler/CNET

What’s next for the online passport renewal program?

The Department of State is using these pilot programs to test the stability and performance of its online passport renewal system. If all goes well, the department will open up the system to all Americans sometime in 2023. We’ll continue to update this article as new pilot programs open and close and online passport renewal becomes available to more Americans.

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