A TV with Xfinity's Free This Week program

Free This Week is a new iteration of Xfinity’s Watchathon Week. 

Xfinity customers can get a taste of paywalled services for no additional charge through the telecom’s Free This Week program, parent company Comcast said Tuesday. It offers a rotating selection of new free content, like access to streaming platforms (including HBO Max) and fitness programs, each week. 

Free This Week is a new iteration of Xfinity’s Watchathon Week, a program Comcast debuted ten years ago that provided customers with one week of free content sampling. This strategy typically doubles viewership of a network or streaming service, according to the company. 

The first two weeks of Free This Week content for 2023 are all about wellness content, to keep you on track with your fitness goals for the new year. Apps such as The Great Courses, Gaia, One Day University, Gaiam TV, Sweat Factor and FitFusion by Jillian Michaels will be available for free during this period.

Xfinity customers can look forward to other streaming content like HBO Max, Showtime, History Vault, Revolt, Lifetime Movie Club and more throughout the year, but the company didn’t offer a timeline for the upcoming content.

“With Free This Week, we are offering customers a no-strings-attached chance to discover something new every week of the year,” Comcast Cable’s Sophia Ahmad said in a release. 

You can access “Free This Week” programming and see what free content is in store in the weeks to come by saying “Free This Week” into your voice remote.

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