Exploring the world of WrestleQuest feels like diving into the imagination of a kid who dreams of what the world would be like if wrestlers ran it.

Mega Cat Studios / Skybound Games

The newest Netflix Game now available to subscribers is WrestleQuest, a pro wrestling RPG from Mega Cat Studios.

WrestleQuest, originally released on other platforms on Aug. 8, is touted by its creators as the “ultimate fusion” between pro-wrestling and role playing games. Mega Cat Studios describes the game as a collection of “wild realms, exotic monsters, action figure fighters and spandexed allies [that] await as this fantasy goes beyond the ring.”

You can access this game and others with any of Netflix’s subscriptions, which start at $7 a month. To access Netflix games, open the Netflix app on your Android or iOS device, scroll down the homepage until you see the Mobile Games carousel, and tap into the game you want to play. If you’re a Canadian or UK Netflix user, you may have the option to play Netflix Games on your TV.

Other games recently released on Netflix include Cut the Rope Daily, The Queen’s Gambit Chess and Too Hot to Handle 2.

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