Rapper 50 Cent has apologised to Megan Thee Stallion for suggesting she lied about being shot by Tory Lanez.

In December, a jury convicted the 30-year-old Canadian, real name Daystar Peterson, of shooting Megan.

The long-awaited trial came after In da Club rapper Fiddy was among many who shared memes downplaying Megan's account of events.

Speaking to radio host Big Boy, he said he changed his mind after hearing evidence from the court case.

Megan's interview with US host Gayle King made 50 Cent feel "she was lying" about the nature of her relationship with Tory Lanez, 50 Cent said.

"I said some things… on social media I posted things," he said.

The Power actor, real name Curtis Jackson, has shared memes depicting Megan and Tory Lanez as fictional characters.

He also compared Megan to Jussie Smollett, the former Empire actor who was found guilty of falsely claiming he was the victim of a hate crime.

Megan Thee StallionImage source, Getty ImagesImage caption, Megan has spoken about the trolling she faced

But 50 Cent said he realised he should apologise after a phone call between Tory Lanez and Megan's former friend Kelsey Harris was released during the trial.

Lanez was heard on the tape apologising for his actions, saying he was "so drunk" when Megan was hurt.

"That made me feel like… now I know what happened. I'm sure that was probably what swayed people in court too," 50 Cent said.

Megan, whose real name is Megan Pete, has spoken about the trolling she received as a result of speaking out, and how people started taking sides.

"In some kind of way, I became the villain," she said about the memes and abuse that spread online.

Tory LanezImage source, Getty ImagesImage caption, Tory Lanez is originally from Canada

But Megan also got support from other artists, including JoJo and Kehlani, when she repeatedly defended herself against accusations of lying.

She suggested misogynoir – misogyny against black women – could be why she was targeted and characterised as "aggressive" and a "snitch".

In November, just before the trial, a group of prominent black women, including #MeToo founder Tarana Burke, released an open letter supporting Megan.

"You don't deserve any of this, Megan. You deserve to be heard, to be believed, and most importantly, to be safe," they wrote.

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During the trial, Megan testified that she was shot and wounded after leaving a party in the Hollywood Hills on 12 July 2020.

The rapper said she and Tory Lanez argued in their luxury car after she criticised his musical talent.

She said he became enraged and ordered her to "dance" outside the vehicle before firing five rounds at her feet .

A Los Angeles jury convicted Tory Lanez of assault and firearms charges after the two-week trial.

He is due to be sentenced on 28 February.

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