Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate Tony Bobulinski testified that Joe Biden is “the Big Guy” and said the president “continues to lie” to the American people about his involvement in his son’s business dealings.

Bobulinski, who worked with Hunter Biden to create the joint-venture SinoHawk Holdings with Chinese energy company CEFC, and said he met with Joe Biden in 2017, provided “unshakeable” testimony behind closed doors at the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees Tuesday.


His testimony, which came as part of the House impeachment inquiry against President Biden, lasted for more than eight hours.

A source familiar with his testimony told Fox News Digital that he testified that he “personally met” with Biden in May 2017 in Los Angeles on the sidelines of the Milken Conference for somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour.

Fox News Digital first reported on that meetings between Bobulinski and Biden in October 2020.


Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, speaks to reporters at a hotel in Nashville, Tennessee on October 22, 2020.  (Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images)

Joe Biden, on May 3, 2017, spoke at the conference, hosting “A Conversation with the 47th Vice President of the United States Joe Biden.” 

Just days after the May 2, 2017, meeting, the now-infamous May 13, 2017, email, which included a discussion of “remuneration packages” for six people in a business deal with a Chinese energy firm. The email appeared to identify Biden as “Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC,” in a reference to now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co.

The email includes a note that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.” A proposed equity split references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” with no further details.


Bobulinski testified Tuesday that Joe Biden is “the big guy.”

Bobulinski has, since 2020, said “the big guy” was Joe Biden. But IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who claimed that politics had influenced the yearslong federal investigation into Hunter Biden, also said “the big guy” was known to be Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Bobulinski testified that from his “direct personal experience,” it is “clear” that Joe Biden was “‘the Brand’ being sold by the Biden family.’”

“His family’s foreign influence peddling operation—from China to Ukraine and elsewhere—sold out to foreign actors who were seeking to gain influence and access to Joe Biden and the United States government,” Bobulinski said in his opening statement, exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital.

Joe and Hunter Biden

Joe and son Hunter Biden. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“Joe Biden was more than a participant in and beneficiary of his family’s business; he was an enabler, despite being buffered by a complex scheme to maintain plausible deniability,” Bobulinski said. “The only reason any of these international business transactions took place—with tens of millions of dollars flowing directly to the Biden family—was because Joe Biden was in high office.”

Bobulinski added: “The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period.”

Bobulinski served in the U.S. Navy’s Naval Nuclear Power Training Command as a decorated master training specialist instructor; the Command’s chief technology officer, holding “Q security clearance” from the Energy Department and from the National Security Agency; and later served as a direct input officer for the command in his final Navy Fitness Report.

Another source familiar with Bobulinski’s testimony told Fox News Digital that he told committee investigators that Jim Biden, the president’s brother, was never concerned about the optics of Joe Biden’s involvement in the family’s foreign business dealings, saying he could claim “plausible deniability.”

Bobulinski also told congressional lawmakers that he was never approached by the Justice Department, or Special Counsel David Weiss, to answer questions or provide testimony on anything related to the Bidens. 

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer

Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., arrives for the House Oversight and Accountability Committee hearing titled “Unsuitable Litigation: Oversight of Third-Party Litigation Funding” in Rayburn Building on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

“Tony Bobulinski articulated under oath that Joe Biden was ‘the brand’ the Bidens sold to enrich the family,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said in a statement after Bobulinski’s testimony. “Joe Biden not only knew about his family’s dealings with a Chinese Communist Party linked energy company, but he also enabled them and participated in them. Tony Bobulinski testified he believes Joe Biden committed wrongdoing and continues to lie to the American people about his participation in his family’s influence peddling schemes.”


Comer went on to say Bobulinski “was unshakeable in his testimony today, providing facts Democrats didn’t want to hear.”

“As such, Democrats put on a shameful display as they yelled at Mr. Bobulinski, cut him off, belittled him, and threatened him,

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md.

U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD). (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

“Comer said, blasting his Democratic colleagues for  “behavior that I’ve frankly never seen before in a transcribed interview.”

Comer said he will “soon release the transcript to provide the American people with transparency about Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s shady schemes and Democrats’ efforts to smear him for blowing the whistle.”

But the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, Jamie Raskin, D-Md., said Bobulinski “offers absolutely no testimony that indicates any criminal activity by President Biden… or evidence that President Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s businesses.”


Meanwhile, as Bobulinski left Capitol Hill Tuesday, he turned to reporters and said: “It was a great day for the American people.”

Next up before the committee as part of the impeachment inquiry is the president’s brother, Jim Biden, on Feb. 21. Hunter Biden is expected to appear for his deposition on Feb. 28.

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