close Prince Andrew is the 'biggest loser' in the Epstein doc dump: Lexie Rigden Video

Prince Andrew is the ‘biggest loser’ in the Epstein doc dump: Lexie Rigden

Criminal defense attorney Lexie Rigden joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss his take on the unsealing of the Jeffrey Epstein documents and the significance of Bill Clinton’s association with him. 

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A federal court in New York has unsealed another batch of documents expected to name associates of Jeffrey Epstein, the disgraced financier and child sex trafficker who died in prison in 2019.

The new release includes a deposition of Tony Figueroa, a driver for Epstein and Maxwell and former boyfriend of Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who claimed that he was often tasked with driving girls to the mansion who looked like they were 16 or 17 years old. Each time he dropped them off, he said, Epstein would pay him $200 each.

He also alleged that Epstein, Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell would “all go out to clubs to pick up girls and try to find them to bring back for Jeffrey.”

As for Epstein, the documents allege he invoked the Fifth Amendment 500 times in a deposition with Giuffre’s lawyers, refusing to answer even simple questions aside from his own name, and also tried to use the amendment to avoid having to disclose documents in the discovery process.


The documents included a deposition of Epstein’s accomplice and another containing images of Epstein’s phone records showed an unnamed female left a message that “she is wondering if 2:30 is OK cuz she needs to stay in school.”

Two depositions, one from Figueroa and on of Epstein accuser Johanna Sjoberg, asserted that the trafficker required “so many massages “from so many different girls” because “he needed to have three orgasms a day.”

“It was biological, like eating,” Sjoberg testified. 

At one point, Epstein asked her to have his baby, she said. 

“Basically, just said, I want you to be the mother of my baby,” she testified. 

Sjoberg said she responded with: “Oh, yeah, really? Okay.”

Also mentioned in various documents is celebrity hairdresser Frédéric Fékkai. Sjoberg said she was massaging Epstein as he was on the phone with someone. She heard him say that Fekkai was in Hawaii. 

“Can we find some girls for him,” Epstein asked, she said. 

Screenshot of a note in a phone book

An entry from Epstein’s handwritten phone book.

The latest documents include the names of Jes Staley, a former JPMorgan Chase banker who resigned over his ties to Epstein, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was not accused of wrongdoing but was mentioned as part of a discovery request as an Epstein accuser hoped to gain information from people in his orbit. 

Staley’s name appeared misspelled in Epstein’s call log, and so did many other figures in Epstein’s orbit, including Les Wexler, the billionaire founder of Limited Brands and former CEO of Victoria’s Secret.

The documents were previously sealed or redacted in a 2015 lawsuit between Giuffre and Maxwell, who is currently serving time in federal prison for sex trafficking.

Maxwell allegedly made efforts to hide evidence of her involvement in the sexual abuse of underage girls, authorities said. On the day Palm Beach police officers executed a search warrant for Epstein’s home, she called his housekeeper and told her not to come to work that morning, court documents revealed. 

When police arrived at the home, they found computers had been ripped out of their places, leaving monitors, keyboards, wires and other equipment behind. 

Documents unsealed Thursday also showed a discovery request for all photos of Maxwell taken during Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Ghislaine Maxwell at the wedding of Chelsea Clinton

In this handout image provided by Genevieve de Manio, former U.S. President Bill Clinton (L) walks Chelsea Clinton down the aisle during her wedding to Marc Mezvinsky at the Astor Courts Estate on July 31, 2010 in Rhinebeck, New York. Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, married Marc Mezvinsky today in an interfaith ceremony at the estate built by John Jacob Astor on the Hudson River about two hours north of New York City. (Genevieve de Manio via Getty Images)

The entire former first family has now been named in the records, although none of the Clintons have been accused of wrongdoing in connection with Epstein. A spokesman for the former president earlier this week denied claims in the documents that Epstein and Clinton were close friends.

Giuffre had tried to depose the former president as part of the lawsuit, but a judge denied her request.

Giuffre objected to naming some high-profile individuals she was sex trafficked to because “naming some such individuals would jeopardize her physical safety based on credible threats to the same,” one documents states. 

New York City billionaire Glenn Dubin has also come up in many of the unsealed documents. Dubin, the co-founder of Highbridge Capital Management, is heavily involved with philanthropic endeavors and has given federal candidates hundreds of thousands of dollars in political donations in recent years. He and his wife Eva, a friend of Maxwell’s have denied knowledge of Epstein’s crimes.


Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and Jean-Luc Brunel are seen onboard Epstein’s private jet

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and Jean-Luc Brunel are seen onboard Epstein’s private jet, the ‘Lolita Express. This photo was one of many unearthed during Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial in the Southern District of New York, where she was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2022 for working with Epstein to sexually abuse minors. (U.S. Department of Justice)

However, their former private chef, Rinaldo Rizzo has claimed that Epstein and Maxwell once visited Dubin’s house with a disoriented, 15-year-old Swedish girl who told him the couple asked her for sex and that her passport had been taken.

Another deposition involves testimony of a pilot who was implicated in Epstein’s Florida conviction, Nadia Marcinkova, who invoked her Fifth Amendment rights repeatedly during questioning.

“Have you witnessed improper sexual activity between Jeffrey Epstein and minors, while he was in the presence of Bill Clinton?” she was asked, in April 2010.

“Fifth,” she replied.

Maxwell, in another filing, repeatedly said she did not understand a lawyer’s question when asked, “Do you believe that Jeffrey Epstein abused any minor children?”

“Can you repeat the question please and break it down so it’s more understandable,” she replied.

Palm Beach police investigator Joseph Recarey, who is now deceased, allegedly found nude photographs of girls during a search of Epstein’s home. In addition, Epstein’s housekeeper, Louella Rabuyo, said she saw images of topless girls in his closet.

Alfredo Rodriguez, Epstein’s butler, told authorities his boss had a photo of a naked woman next to an image of the pope.  

Bill Clinton gets a massage from Jeffrey Epstein victim

Bill Clinton receives a massage from Chauntae Davies in 2002 at a small airport in Portugal during a fuel stop for Jeffrey Epstein’s Boeing 727 which was bound for Africa from New York. (Mega)

Other documents revealed a scheme by someone to sell criminal evidence against Epstein for thousands of dollars. That person was arrested in an FBI sting operation. The person, identified as Mr. Rodriguez, approached a lawyer in 2009 with the offer of criminal evidence against Epstein. 

Rodriguez was imprisoned for bribery and obstruction before his death in 2015. 

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ordered the documents’ unsealing in December but gave each of the John and Jane Does two weeks to appeal. Lawyers for Giuffre posted the first 40 unsealed files Wednesday. They posted another 19 Thursday and are expected to release 240 files total by Monday.

Epstein had many high-profile connections, including former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, foreign prime ministers and Britain’s Prince Andrew, as well as Hollywood stars, leading academics, people in the modeling and fashion industries and other public figures.  Some of the names were previously known through other means despite having been withheld from the public’s eye in the lawsuit.

Many of the names belong to people who have not been accused of wrongdoing, including Clinton and Trump.

Epstein’s social circle also included Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York and ex-wife of Prince Andrew. Juan Alessi, the longtime manager of Epstein’s estate, said during a 2009 deposition that he saw Ferguson at the home, as well as secretary for now-deceased Princess Diana, “Mr. Trump” and Robert Kennedy Jr. 

Ferguson and the prince were also friends with Maxwell. He sometimes “spent weeks with us,” Alessi said, and had daily massages. Trump also visited the estate but never stood over, Alessi said. 

“He would come, have dinner. He never sat at the table. He eat with me in the kitchen,” said Alessi.


Prince Andrew Virginia Giuffre and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001 photo

Photo from 2001 that was included in court files shows Prince Andrew with his arm around the waist of 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre. Ghislaine Maxwell is standing to the right. (U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals)

One anonymous witness claimed to remember several conversations about Bill Clinton and others. She recalled Clinton and actor Kevin Spacey visited Africa but “there was nothing specific about Bill Clinton other than I think it was a trip where they – it was very vague.”

“It was implied that they enjoyed themselves, however that was,” she said. 

Epstein accuser Sarah Ransom said she was “lent out” to Epstein’s friends and associates to have sex. 

“Among the people he lent me to was bis friend, Alan Dershowitz,” she said, according to one filing. “On one occasion I was in a bedroom at Jeffrey’s New York townhouse with Jeffrey and (alleged Epstein accomplice) Nadia Marcinkova. After a short time, Alan Dershowitz entered the room, after which Jeffrey left the room and Nadia and I had sex with Dershowitz. I recall specific, key details of his person and the sex acts and can describe th.em in the event it becomes necessary to do so.”

Dershowitz has repeatedly denied even knowing about Epstein’s sexual abuse of young girls or participating in any abuses. 

Some names will remain sealed for various reasons, including names of some of Epstein’s underage victims and at least one person who the judge said had been falsely identified. The judge is also expected to decide on whether to release the identities of two Does in the lawsuit who have requested to remain unnamed.


In a separate criminal case, Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for sex trafficking Epstein’s victims.

She is appealing that conviction and has declined to comment on the document dump.

Fox News’ Kyle Morris, Sarah Rumpf Brie Stimson and Brianna Herlihy contributed to this report.

Michael Ruiz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to [email protected] and on Twitter: @mikerreports

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