The new Raspberry Rally cookies are 100% vegan.
Girl Scouts of America

The Girl Scouts introduced a new flavor cookie this week, the Raspberry Rally. Since I’ve tried every Girl Scout cookie on the market, I had to give this one a go, too.

The Scouts use two official bakeries for their cookies. There’s actually some variation in ingredients, appearance and taste, so I had them send me versions from both.

See how my taste test went and how to order Rasperry Rallys for yourself, below.

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What is the new Girl Scout cookie flavor?

The Girl Scouts describe the Raspberry Rally as a “thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in a chocolaty coating.” 

There are approximately 32 cookies in each box, with a single serving (about four cookies) having 160 calories.

According to the Scouts website, the cookies are 100% vegan.

Where can you get Raspberry Rallys?

raspberry rally cookies in packageraspberry rally cookies in package

The new Raspberry Rally cookies are only available online.

Girl Scouts

You won’t find them at your nearest Girl Scout cookie booth: Raspberry Rallys are the Girl Scouts’ first online exclusive, which the organization says “allows Girl Scouts to learn new skills and build their e-commerce business.”

The good news is digital orders ship directly to your door.

Right now, you can reach out to a Girl Scout to find out how they’re selling the cookies or text “COOKIES” to 59618 for instructions.

Starting Feb. 27, you’ll be able to purchase cookies online by entering your zip code into the Girl Scout Cookie Finder.

What do Raspberry Rally cookies taste like?

When the new Raspberry Rally cookies arrived at my house, it was a hot day so the cookies were a bit melted, which certainly affected their appearance. I put them in the freezer for a bit to solidify the chocolate. You shouldn’t face this challenge as it’ll be wintertime when you order these next year. 

I opened the cookies from ABC Bakers first, and I immediately could smell the chocolate aroma. Had the chocolate not melted and revealed the insides, I could easily mistake these for the Thin Mints, as they have the same thin appearance coated in chocolate — the cookie part is light pink. Once I took a bite, I immediately liked these cookies. They’re soft with just a bit of crunch and melt in your mouth. The raspberry flavor really stands out.

Next up were the cookies from Little Brownie Bakers. When I opened the box, these cookies weren’t melted like the ones from ABC — maybe the chocolate recipe is different? LBB’s cookies even smell different — more like raspberry and less like chocolate. I took the first bite and they were much different from the others — I like these better. The texture reminds me of a soft shortbread cookie. The center is a darker pink, the raspberry flavor isn’t as overpowering and the cookie tastes more natural than those from ABC. 

Which one’s the winner? Definitely the ones from Little Brownie Bakers, in my opinion, but you’ll have to give them a try yourself. Do I like them better than Samoas? No. Those will always be my favorite.

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