Tom Cruise is reportedly a big fan of British tea parties, and though the guest lists on who attends have been kept under wraps, there is a good chance Prince William and Kate Middleton will make an appearance in the future, according to royal experts.

Per the New York Daily News, the “Mission: Impossible” actor hosts Sunday afternoon tea parties at his flat in the prestigious Hyde Park neighborhood in London.

Everyone in attendance — guests, DJs and waiters — are required to sign non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, before entering the home. Attendees are also forbidden to take pictures at the tea party, per the outlet.


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise reportedly has secret tea parties when he stays in his apartment in London. (Rocket K)

Cruise reportedly hosts his top-secret tea party at 4 p.m., with the actor’s personal chef preparing scones, teas and a breakfast buffet assortment. Cruise is also considerate of his neighbors, keeping the tea parties short. The parties reportedly wrap up on Sunday night between 7-8 p.m. “at the latest.”

“Hollywood royalty, Tom Cruise, loves to be loved, loves the U.K. and all things British,” royal commentator Helena Chard told Fox News Digital of Cruise’s reported regular afternoon tea parties. 

“People in the U.K., likewise seem to have adopted Tom Cruise,” Chard said. “After his successful afternoon tea rendezvous with the late Queen Elizabeth II, I imagine he now hopes to host tea parties forever more and no doubt share fun anecdotes about his heart-warming time with our late Queen Elizabeth II. Afternoon tea is traditionally and typically served at 4 p.m. hence why his parties begin at this time.”

Though there’s no indication that any members of the royal family have attended Cruise’s parties yet, his London home is close to both Buckingham and Kensington Palaces, and he’s had a long history with the royal family.

“Hyde Park is a short cab ride from Buckingham Palace but within walking distance to Kensington Palace,” royal commentator Kinsey Schofield tells Fox News Digital. “It is a very chic and relaxed area. You can walk all around the grounds of Kensington Palace without being disturbed. There are people jogging, walking their dogs, and lying in the grass with a book in their hands. It is a peaceful space.” 

Kate Middleton walks down red carpet holding Tom Cruise's hand

Tom Cruise escorted Kate Middleton down the red carpet at the “Top Gun: Maverick” premiere last year. (Dan Kitwood )

Royal expert Chris Andersen shared that “throughout Queen Elizabeth’s reign, Cruise accepted every invitation extended by the Palace. He and the late queen had several friendly encounters, and that extended to Prince Philip and King Charles as well.”

“But I think his strongest ties are to William and Kate. After all, they are the future of the monarchy,” Andersen explained. “If Cruise hasn’t yet invited the Prince and Princess of Wales–along with George, Charlotte, and Louis – to one of his London tea parties, you can bet he soon will.”

Cruise, who had a fondness for the late monarch, has “had connections” to the royals dating back to when he first met Princess Diana.

Royal commentator Ian Pelham Turner told Fox News Digital that it began in 1992 “when he and Nicole Kidman met Princess Diana at the London premiere of their film ‘Far and Away.’”

Cruise and his then-wife, Kidman, were also among the celebrity guests who paid tribute to the late princess at her funeral on Sept. 6, 1997. 


princess diana meeting tom cruise and nicole kidman

Cruise has been linked to the royal family since the early days of his career when he and then-wife Nicole Kidman met Princess Diana at the London premiere of their 1992 movie “Far and Away.” (Tim Graham)

Queen Elizabeth and Tom Cruise smiling during the Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth and Tom Cruise spent time together before she died in Sept. 2022. (Getty Images)

As for his relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth II, Cruise and the late monarch “struck up a friendship in her final years after he hosted part of a horse show, A Gallop Through History, and was invited to tea at Windsor Castle afterwards,” Turner said.

He continued, “The queen was famed for her ‘Jam Pennies’ served with either Assam or Earl Grey tea, the delicacy were slices of bread cut in the shape of a circular old sized penny coin and served with jam, this was served at 4 p.m. every afternoon and presumably Cruise followed the royal tradition by starting the event at the same time.”

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams echoed Turner’s comments, noting that the late monarch was “disappointed at not having met” Cruise when he co-hosted the Gallop Through History event for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

“A special tour of Windsor Castle was arranged, and they had tea together,” Fitzwilliams noted. “He was allowed to fly in by helicopter, and they reportedly intended to lunch together at a future date. He has spoken of his admiration for Queen Elizabeth and the dignity and devotion which characterized her rule.” 

King Charles at the podium wearing a blue pin-stripe suit speaking in Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day

Cruise made a video appearance at King Charles’ coronation concert in May. (Jordan Pettitt – WPA Pool)

Cruise has made connections with more royals over the years. In May, Cruise made a video appearance at King Charles’ coronation concert, and he was seen with William and Middleton last year when Cruise held a special screening of his 2022 sequel “Top Gun: Maverick” for the royal couple ahead of the movie’s release.

Cruise invited the royal couple after learning that William, who previously served as a pilot with the Royal Air Force, was a huge fan of the original film.


Two months later, the Prince and Princess of Wales attended the London premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick” at the invitation of Cruise. 

The trio were seen smiling and chatting while making their way down the red carpet, with Cruise even giving Middleton a helping hand as she walked up the steps at Leicester Square.

Kate Middleton wears black and white dress to Top Gun premiere in England

Kate Middleton shared a laugh with Tom Cruise at the “Top Gun: Maverick” premiere in London. (Getty Images)

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet, Cruise confirmed that he had treated the couple to the early screening. 


“He’s an aviator, so I knew he would have a lot of fun,” the New York native said. 

Addressing Cruise’s alleged tea parties, Schofield noted that she believes, “Tom is trying to enjoy some much-needed time off.” 

“He works around the clock, so I imagine these tea parties are a fantastic way for him to busy himself and unwind.”

Cruise’s rep did not immediately respond to Fox Bussiness’ request for comment. 

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