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Samsung is kicking off the year with a launch event for its Galaxy S24 lineup, with new AI features widely expected to be the main attraction. The phones will be unveiled at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event on Jan. 17.

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This year, Samsung says it’ll usher in a “new era of mobile AI” following the launch of its own generative AI model, Galaxy AI. Along with the company’s Gauss AI model, it will reportedly come integrated into some Galaxy S24 handsets.

AI-powered features have played an important role in smartphone imaging and cameras for years. Remember the term computational photography? But now it appears to be the next frontier for major phone-makers. Google kicked it all off last fall with its latest Pixel 8 lineup, which boasts a suite of AI-powered tools that help you enhance and edit your photos.

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Apple, meanwhile, is reportedly investing heavily in AI research, which is expected to translate into some exciting AI-based features for iPhones in the near future. 

While AI-powered features can certainly transform the mobile experience with useful optimizations such as improved battery life and voice assistant capabilities, it’s also emerged as a key marketing narrative for tech companies. Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event will be the latest example of a top-tier phone-maker attempting to take advantage of AI’s time in the global spotlight.

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How to watch Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event

Samsung will unveil its next-gen Galaxy S24 phones on Jan. 17. The media invitation said to expect Samsung’s “most intelligent mobile experience yet” in a nod to the forthcoming AI-powered features. The in-person event is happening in San Jose, California, at 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. GMT) and will stream on Samsung’s YouTube channel.  

CNET will have on-the-ground coverage of the event as well as our own watch party for reactions and analysis of any official reveals and surprises. 

Galaxy S24 phone rumors

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung revealed the Galaxy S23 Ultra in early 2023.

James Martin/CNET

Much has been said (and leaked) about Samsung’s flagship series ahead of the event. The Galaxy S24 series will likely receive a minor upgrade with the design tipped to remain largely unchanged. Expect routine changes to features like the camera and processor. Bigger upgrades are expected to come by way of new AI software and tricks. Samsung hasn’t shared much yet, but it previously detailed a forthcoming feature called AI Live Translate coming to its “latest Galaxy AI phone.” As the name suggests, audio and text translations will appear in real time as you speak. Crucially, this feature will be restricted to on-device AI, meaning conversations and translations won’t leave the phone. 

Another salient change that could come is to the price tag of phones sold in the European Union. A recent report by GalaxyClub says the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus could receive a lower price tag of 899 euros and 1,149 euros, respectively.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is reported to receive a price increase to 1,449 euros, along with a larger storage option at the high end. The report didn’t have details on US pricing, but it’s likely that Samsung has a separate pricing strategy for North America. (EU prices include sales tax, but 899 euros is about $980, £775 or AU$1,480.) If you want more in-depth details on what is expected, read our Galaxy S24 rumor roundup here.

See the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Camera in Action

A photo of trees at a park and the side of a building taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra A photo of trees at a park and the side of a building taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra A photo of a pink flower taken on the Galaxy S23 Ultra A photo of a pink flower taken on the Galaxy S23 Ultra A photo of baked goods in a bakery display window taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. A photo of baked goods in a bakery display window taken with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. +11 more See all photos 240112-yt-samsung-unpacked-v04 240112-yt-samsung-unpacked-v04 Watch this: What to Expect from Samsung Unpacked 2024 02:44

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