close Video shows NYC woman attack puppies, tourist in pet store Video

Video shows NYC woman attack puppies, tourist in pet store

Shoppers and staff at the Citipups pet store in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood were shocked when a belligerent woman came through like a wrecking ball earlier this week. (Credit: Emilio Ortiz / LOCAL NEWS X / TMX / Citipups)

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A Texas woman visiting New York City for the first time wound up stunned and bleeding from her nose after a belligerent woman tore through a Manhattan puppy store over the weekend, kicking cages, swatting cellphones and slapping her across the face as staff escorted her out the door.

Adding insult to injury, she appeared to spit at the stunned victim before storming out the exit.

The smack, which reverberated loudly on cellphone and surveillance video, shocked bystanders in the packed store.


Puppy store assault Suspect closeup

A still frame from video shows the suspect’s face close up. (Emilio Ortiz / LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)

Video shared by Citipups Chelsea shows the raging woman kicking at kennels with puppies inside, swatting at a store manager’s cellphone as he attempts to record the encounter and cold clocking the random bystander on her way out.

The store has released a clear photo of the suspect, wearing a dark winter coat and a pink purse, in the hope that she is arrested.

WATCH: Video shows NYC woman attack puppies, tourist in pet store

Video shows NYC woman attack puppies, tourist in pet store Video

And they were kind of like, ‘Oh hell no. In Texas we don’t let people get away with that.’ And I was like ‘Well, welcome to New York.’

— Emilio Ortiz, store manager

The NYPD said it received a report of an assault at the shop around 3:45 p.m. Saturday.


Citipups Chelsea surveillance_

An unidentified woman gets in the face of a Citipups employee who directs her to leave after she was seen on surveillance kicking kennels and throwing things. On her way out, video shows her slapping another woman across the face and turning back to spit at her. (Emilio Ortiz / LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)

The victim, whom store manager Emilio Ortiz told local media is from Texas and was visiting New York for the first time, suffered a bloody nose and facial swelling.

Puppy store slap

An unidentified woman slaps a Texas tourist in a Manhattan puppy store Saturday. Police said the victim suffered a bloody nose and bruising on her face. (Emilio Ortiz / LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)

“So she was a tourist, and it’s, like, imagine being your first day in New York, you’re just walking around all of sudden some crazy person just assaults you,” he told the New York Post. 

“Her friend was there, too, and her friend called her husband, who’s a cop in Texas, and I was kind of like tongue in cheek saying to her even if they arrest this lady, they’re probably going to let her go tomorrow,” he added, taking a swipe at the Big Apple’s lenient bail laws and approach to criminal suspects. “This is the way New York has been operating right now.”

Bystander checks on victim

A man was seen checking on the victim after the suspect cracked her across the face. (Emilio Ortiz / LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)


Ortiz told Fox News Digital that staff felt bad for the victim, who was bleeding but did not have to go to the hospital.

The suspect escaped on foot and had not been arrested as of Tuesday evening.

Michael Ruiz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to [email protected] and on Twitter: @mikerreports

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