netflix-thumbs-up.png Netflix

Netflix is adding a new way to show a title some love (or loathing) with a thumbs rating on mobile. 

The streamer said Monday that users will be able to give a series or movie a thumbs up, thumbs down or a double thumbs up at any point while watching on a mobile device. With the update, the streamer aims to make it easier for people to rate and thus receive better recommendations. The update is rolling out now on iOS and later on Android, Netflix said.

Thumbs ratings can also be given if you go into a title’s details page, according to Netflix (and this is currently the only way to give a thumbs up when watching on a TV). An image from the streamer shows what the feature will look like: You’ll be able to tap the screen and see three thumb rating choices appear among other typical on-screen options, like pressing pause on a title or closing out of it. 

Here’s more on what differentiates a double thumbs up from a one-thumb thumbs up and tips to help you get the most out of Netflix. 

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