Here’s a look at the Threads homepage, as shared by Meta.


Threads, Meta’s newest social networking app, made a splash when it launched in July, only to see its rapid growth taper off. But now, Threads is back in the news as the company rolls it out on the web. 

It should be widely available in the coming days, but not every Threads user can see the new web version just yet. You may still see the mostly black homepage encouraging you to download the mobile apps.

To announce the update, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared a photo on Threads captioned, “Actual footage of me building Threads for web. Rolling out over the next few days.” The company also wrote about the news in a blog post shared Tuesday.

“The new logged-in experience for web lets you post a Thread, view your feed, and interact with other people’s Threads,” the post reads. “We’re working hard to bring this experience to parity with mobile and will add more functions to the web version in the coming weeks.”

This isn’t the only update Threads has received recently. Reposts have been added to the Following feed, and a Reposts tab has been added to user profiles, showing in one place all the threads they’ve reposted. And the platform earlier introduced a Your Likes tab, showing which posts users have liked. The changes help make the platform similar to Twitter, which has been rebranded X.

As we pointed out earlier, there’s an interesting reason why users may not want to sign up for Threads. If you one day decide you want to permanently delete your Threads account, you must delete the Instagram account you used to sign up for Threads. Threads and Instagram are both Meta platforms, and Threads was built by the Instagram team.

You can also check out the CNET guide to Threads, plus information on how to filter your feed to only show posts from people you follow.

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