LG's wireless TV with the transmitter box in the foreground. LG

LG’s massive wireless OLED finally has a price tag outside of South Korea. LG is rolling out its 97-inch Signature OLED M TV (model 97M3) to markets, including North America and Europe later this year, the company said Thursday. 

In the UK, the 97-inch TV will cost £27,999.99 (about $35,600) and be available in September, according to multiple reports. LG didn’t immediately confirm this price to CNET but said US pricing and availability will be revealed within the next week. 

The 97M3 OLED debuted at CES in January and LG touted it as the “world’s first wireless OLED TV.” The device has a 97-inch OLED screen and is cable-free besides having a power cord. A transmitter box located up to 30 feet away beams video and audio to the TV. CNET’s David Katzmaier noted how “wireless connectivity allows the TV to stand alone, which looks impressive on one of LG’s easel-like stands… and it can greatly simplify a wall-mount installation.” CNET also selected the 97-inch TV as one of the best products of CES 2023. 

The 97-inch Signature OLED M will be accompanied by 83- and 77-inch OLED evo M models that share its Zero Connect technology, LG said Thursday. The former model will cost £7,999.99 (about $10,200) and the latter will cost £5,999.99 (about $7,600) in the UK, according to reports. 

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