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The release of iOS 17 will likely be announced with the new iPhone 15 in a few weeks.

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Ahead of Apple’s anticipated Sept. 12 announcement of the new iPhone 15 series (and its new Apple Watch 9) the company has given us another preview version of the iPhone’s next operating system — iOS 17. This public beta makes the new features in the iOS 17 developer beta 7 available to all iPhone users whose phones will support iOS 17.

As long as you’re enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program, which is free, you can check out upcoming iPhone features like improved autocorrect, interactive widgets, using your photos to create Live Stickers, and sharing your contact information via AirDrop.

The iOS 17 developer beta, meant for developers, is currently on its seventh iteration. The public beta should be a more refined and stable version of the developer beta, though you may still deal with software bugs, features that don’t fully work, and other issues.

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Not all iPhone models will work with iOS 17, so you’ll first need to check whether your device is compatible. You can see the full list of supported devices here — the iPhone XS and later should work with iOS 17. You can also check out our list of the best iPhones for 2023, in case you’re looking to upgrade to a newer model.

If you’re interested in testing iOS 17 public beta 5, here’s everything you need to know to download the experimental software to your iPhone.

How to download the iOS 17 public beta on your iPhone

Before you download anything, make sure to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 16, and then back up your iPhone either to the cloud or computer. Backing up your device is incredibly important if you decide you no longer want iOS 17 and wish to go back to iOS 16. Without a backup, you could potentially lose important data when you revert. Alternatively, if you have a spare iPhone, consider running the public beta on that instead of your primary phone.

Now that you’re ready, you can proceed.

On your supported iPhone, go to the Apple Beta Software Program website and either sign in (if you’re already a member) or sign up. You’ll need an Apple ID to do either. If you’re signing up, follow all the prompts.

On the Guide for Public Beta page, you’ll get more information about the iOS 17 public beta. Under Get Started, tap the blue enroll your iOS device link. On the next page, scroll down to the second section and depending on what software update you currently have, you have two options:

  • If you’re running iOS 16.4 or later, all you need to do is go to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates and choose the iOS 17 public beta to install.
  • If you’re on iOS 16.3 or earlier, you must download a configuration profile (tap on the blue Download profile button), go to Settings, tap the profile, and follow the instructions.

Finally, go to Settings > General > Software Update and install the iOS 17 public beta. Once your phone reboots, you’ll have access to iOS 17.

iOS 17 public beta on the iPhone iOS 17 public beta on the iPhone

Once you choose the iOS 17 public beta, go back and install it.

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