The 110-inch Hisense UX on a stand.

The 110-inch Hisense UX is very, very, very bright.


Hisense probably isn’t the first name you think of when it comes to high-end TVs, but the company is doing its best to change that at CES 2024. It’s doubling down on a huge TV with some of the most eye-watering specifications I’ve ever seen. Meanwhile, it’s also introducing three other series of more affordable TVs, all of which feature bright mini-LED technology.

I’ll start with the UX series because, well, it’s simply the brightest TV I know about. Hisense claims a staggering 10,000 nits of light output and 40,000 local dimming zones in the 110-inch model. That’s twice as bright as any other TV specification I’ve seen and more that double the number of dimming zones. Neither spec guarantees a spectacular picture, but they sure don’t hurt. Extra brightness helps the best HDR images pop and look more realistic, while more dimming zones allow more precise control of all that light.

In addition to brightness, Hisense claims an extremely wide color gamut — 95% of BT.2020, which is more than any TV I’ve seen. There’s also a 98-inch size with half the nits and one-quarter as many zones — still nothing to sneeze at. Both are sure to cost many thousands of dollars, although Hisense hasn’t revealed pricing on this series yet.

Hisense TVs, such as the U8G from last year, are among the brightest and best performers for the money I’ve tested, and the company also introduced three series in sizes from 55  to 85 inches that mere mortals should be able to afford. The UN8 series is the successor to the excellent Hisense U8K I reviewed last year, and Hisense says it’s twice as bright at 3,000 nits and with double the number of local dimming zones (up to 1,500). If the UN8 is priced around the same as the U8K (around $1,000 for the 65-inch), it could again be among the best TVs of 2024.

The company is continuing to use mini-LED in less-expensive TVs as well. The step-down UN7 series can get up to 1,500 nits, and the less-expensive UN6 series offers mini-LED at a price lower than any I’ve seen: $400 for the 55-inch model. All three offer local dimming and quantum dot color.

We’ll have more details on Hisense’s TV lineup once we have the chance to check it out in person at CES. 

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