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Greek antiterrorism police carried out raids and arrests on Tuesday in connection with attacks claimed by far-left militants, including a parcel bomb mailed to a senior judge, officials said.

The crackdown follows a resurgence in far-left militant violence in recent months, including an explosion outside the labor ministry in Athens that caused no injuries.


A police statement said firearms and explosives were seized in the raids and six people were arrested in the capital. Another four people who are already serving prison sentences are suspected of involvement in the case.

All 10 suspects face charges including membership in a terrorist organization, attempted murder and breaches of weapons and explosives laws.

The attacks caused damage to buildings and vehicles but no injuries.

Greece has suffered for decades from far-left militant violence ranging from bombings and assassinations to small arson attacks. Although the major groups have been dismantled or ceased operations, new ones — mostly professing an anarchist agenda — have claimed recent, minor bombings.

Greek flag

The Greek flag is photographed cast against a clear sky. (Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The parcel bomb sent to a senior judge in the northern city of Thessaloniki this month was disarmed by experts after the recipient found it suspicious and called courthouse security. The court building was evacuated.

A previously unknown anarchist group called Armed Response claimed responsibility in an online post, and vowed to step up attacks against the judiciary in solidarity with jailed fellow militants.

Tuesday’s police statement said the suspects are also believed to have been involved in four lower-key attacks since June 2023 using small bombs or hand grenades in Athens and the city of Larissa in central Greece.

The attacks targeted a bank, a construction firm, a car belonging to a prison service employee and a house in Larissa. They were claimed by a far-left group calling itself Coordination for Revenge.

Other recent attacks claimed by far-left militants include the labor ministry bomb, which followed a warning call by a group calling itself Revolutionary Class Self-Defense.


In December, a bomb was placed outside a riot police compound in Athens but failed to explode.

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