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-White House offers ‘condolences’ but no solutions to migrant crisis

-‘Squad’ member at risk of losing Democratic primary

-NATO Chief credits Trump for members meeting spending goals

Appeal Denied

The New York Court of Appeals on Tuesday rejected former President Trump’s bid to have the gag order against him lifted, citing that “no substantial constitutional question is directly involved.” 

Judge Juan Merchan imposed a gag order that restricts the former president and presumptive 2024 GOP presidential nominee from speaking about witnesses and the case now that Trump’s trial has concluded. 

Trump’s lawyers cited the November presidential election and the first debate against President Biden later this month, as well as the First Amendment rights of the former president and his supporters as reasons for the order to be lifted. 

When Merchan refused to lift the gag order, Trump appealed that decision, which the appeals court rejected Tuesday. 

Judge Juan Merchan imposed over Donald Trump

Judge Juan Merchan, left, and former President Donald Trump, right. (AP)

White House

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Capitol Hill

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James Carville on MSNBC

Democratic strategist James Carville says he’d bet Trump will be a ‘no-show’ at first debate. (Screenshot/MSNBC)

Tales from the Campaign Trail

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Across America

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