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-White House announces new clean energy subsidies

-Democrats not ‘enthusiastic’ about Biden

-Chicago hides crime woes when Democrat VIPs come to town

8-1 Sweep

The Supreme Court on Friday upheld a federal law that bans guns for those subject to domestic violence restraining orders (DVROs) in the first major test of the Second Amendment at the high court this term.

In an 8-1 opinion authored by Chief Justice Roberts, the court’s majority said, “[W]e conclude only this: An individual found by a court to pose a credible threat to the physical safety of another may be temporarily disarmed consistent with the Second Amendment.” Justice Clarence Thomas was the lone dissenter.

Both liberal and conservative justices agreed with the Biden administration that there was a history and tradition of keeping firearms from dangerous persons, despite the lack of any specific ban that may have been in place when the Constitution was enacted in the 1790s.

The Supreme Court building

The Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

White House

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Capitol Hill

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Tales from the Campaign Trail

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Former President Trump and RFK Jr.

Former President Trump and RFK Jr. (Eduardo Munoz/Andrew Lichtenstein)

Trials and Tribulation 

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Across America

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