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Comey moment?

An anonymous Biden official revealed some behind-the-scenes reaction to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on the president’s mishandling of classified materials.

The special counsel determined that no charges should be brought against the president. But it also delivered devastating statements about the president’s memory.

“It felt like a Comey moment for me,” one Biden official reportedly told Politico, referring to the moment then-FBI Director James Comey released a letter, weeks before the 2016 election, stating that he would be investigating classified materials from Hillary Clinton that appeared to have been mishandled. 

Biden defended himself Thursday night in a raucous press conference, where he said his memory was “fine.” A short time later, he referred to the president of Egypt as the president of Mexico.

President Joe Biden press conference split image

President Joe Biden held a press conference in response to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s description of his age and memory. (Reuters)

Even left-leaning and centrist media outlets blasted the strange press conference. 

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