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‘NO THANK YOU’: Community chides struggling restaurant owner who hired a robot

A restaurant in a rural Oregon city couldn’t find enough servers to stay fully staffed. So the owner hired a robot named Plato. She had no idea how much pushback she’d get from the community.

Five women intentionally clogged a toilet inside a Florida chicken wing restaurant over the weekend, igniting a brawl between the group and employees, police said. 

The incident began around 9 p.m. Saturday at Papa Bees in Longwood, a suburb of Orlando.

A supervisor told authorities the women stuffed a restroom toilet with wads of toilet paper. The women were blamed because they were the only customers inside the restaurant. 


An employee cleaned the bathroom. However, one of the women went inside the bathroom afterward and the toilet was stuffed with toilet paper again, according to an arrest report obtained by FOX 35. 

Florida restaurant brawl

Jaheigha Smith, right, Keiyanda Charles, Kenisha Charles, Jasmine Cline and Tyesha Charles were arrested in connection to a fight that broke out at Papa Bees Wings in Longwood, Fla., after allegedly clogging the toilet.  (Longwood Police Department)

The restaurant supervisor then told the women they needed to leave since it was almost closing time. The supervisor then found out the toilet was clogged again and the group of women became “irate” and began yelling.

When they were told to leave, one of the women punched the supervisor in the face and the other women joined — kicking, punching, pulling hair and throwing things, authorities said. The supervisor sustained a cut behind her ear and bruises on her leg and arm. 


When another employee rushed to aid the supervisor, one of the women allegedly slapped her and began to throw chairs. The fight was eventually broken up by other store employees. 

As the women fled, they allegedly knocked over chairs and threw salt and pepper shakers. They were detained by responding police officers. 

The women were identified as Kenisha Charles, 18, Tyesha Charles, 19, Keiyanda Charles, 24, Jasmine Cline, 26, and Jahleigha Smith, 20. They are charged with disorderly conduct, battery and criminal mischief. 

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