EXCLUSIVE: Former U.S. Army Capt. Sam Brown vowed to deliver results for Americans “crushed” by Biden’s policy failures, his first promise after winning a hard fought Senate primary in the crucial swing state of Nevada.

“Look, this is a clear signal that Republicans here in this state are united, not only behind President Trump, but behind me to take on Joe Biden and Jackey Rosen this November,” Brown told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview just moments after the race was called. 

“Americans need hope. Nevadans have been crushed by Biden’s policies. They’ve been supported by Jacky Rosen. And this is a resounding victory. We’re looking forward to going head-to-head and delivering a victory that Nevadans need,” he added.


Sam Brown

Republican Nevada Senate candidate Sam Brown. (Josh Edelson/Getty Images)

Brown said Nevadans would see a “clear contrast” between his and former President Trump’s America First policies over the next five months, and those of Biden, which he said had led to a worsening border crisis, a deteriorating state of the world, and an economy where prices are too high.

“The solutions are clear. We’ve got to secure our border. We’ve got to go after the cartels. We’ve got to ensure that we’re not allowing people into this country that mean to do harm. We’ve got to make sure that the economy is working for all, that there are good jobs, that we don’t have unnecessary inflation, we have an American energy policy that provides security and lower costs,” Brown told Fox. 


“This is a future that’s not too far away. We’re going to deliver it after November.”

Brown soundly defeated his main primary rival, former U.S. Ambassador Jeff Gunter, by a significant margin, and will head to the general election with solid backing from Trump and national Republicans, who view the Nevada race as one of their top targets to flip from Democrats.

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