close Moments leading up to fatal officer-involved shooting Video

Moments leading up to fatal officer-involved shooting

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office released body camera video of the shooting that left one deputy dead and another injured during a traffic stop on Feb. 8

Police in Tennessee have released graphic body camera footage from the officer-invovled shooting that killed Deputy Greg McCowan and injured Deputy Shelby Eggers.

In split-screen body camera footage from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO), Deputy Eggers is seen pulling over and approaching Kenneth DeHart, 42, on Feb. 8.

At first, DeHart cooperated with the officer and peacefully handed over his registration and license.

Eggers told the 42-year-old that she pulled him over because he was swerving on the road. Eggers explained that he was on the phone with his grandmother and that was why he was swerving.


Deputy Greg McCowan and Deputy Shelby Eggers

McCowan, left, was shot and killed during a traffic stop Thursday evening. Eggers, right, was wounded. (Blount County Sheriff’s Office)

The situation quickly escalated after Deputy Eggers noted that his silver SUV smelled like marijuana and told him that she would need to conduct a search of his vehicle.

“I ain’t got weed. Don’t be like that,” DeHart said in the footage. “I’m refusing a search.”

“I’ve never smoked weed,” he continued.

“I’m not trying to mess with you, I’m trying to make this easy,” Egger is heard saying.

Body camera footage

The split-screen video shows two views of the interaction – one from McCowan’s bodycam and the other from his squad car’s dashcam (Blount County Sheriff’s Office)

Eggers repeatedly explained that she had probable cause to search the vehicle, but DeHart refused to comply with the deputy’s demands.

“So here is what is going to happen if you don’t step out of the car,” Eggers said. “We’re going to have to drag you from the car and then arrest you.”


After McCowan arrived at the scene, the officers forcefully entered DeHart’s SUV and tried to remove him.

“You can’t do this, you can’t do this,” he is heard repeatedly saying. “Get your hands off of me.”

After the suspect refused to comply to the officers, McCowan deployed his taser.

The footage showed DeHart screaming and writhing in pain after he was hit multiple times with the taser.

Body camera footage

Deputy Greg McCowan was fatally shot during a traffic stop in the 4900 block of Sevierville Road on February 8. (Blount County Sheriff’s Office)

In the footage, DeHart is seen slamming his door shut and releasing a barrage of gunfire towards both of the deputies.

Both deputies were shot during the bombardment of gunfire, the footage showed. 

In the graphic footage, McCowan is seen immediately falling to the ground. Deputy Eggers was seen seeking cover after she was shot.

DeHart fired one more round before yelling obscenities and driving away. As he drove away, McCowan’s body is seen lying motionless on the ground.

Following the dramatic shooting, Eggers is heard over the radio saying she was hit along with McCowan. 

After radioing for assistance, she attempted to put a tourniquet on herself, with the footage showing blood on her leg.

Body camera footage

Two civilians pulled over and assisted Officer Eggers, who was shot during the traffic stop on Feb. 8. (Blount County Sheriff’s Office)

Moments later, a truck with a man and woman inside is seen pulling up beside Eggers and offering assistance.

“I’ve been shot. Yes, I need help,” Eggers is heard telling the civilian man and woman.

The man helped Eggers apply the tourniquet. 


The woman walked over to McCowan, then came back and said, “He’s not breathing.”

Eventually, other officers arrived at the scene to remove McCowan’s body and provide assistance to Eggers.

“Take care of Greg,” Eggers is heard saying in the footage.

Blount County Deputy Greg McCowan

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office identified the deputy killed in the line of duty Thursday night as Greg McCowan. (Blount County Sheriff’s Office)

The Sheriff’s Office said McCowan, 43, began his full-time career there in 2020 after working as a reserve deputy.

“He was awarded the Sheriff’s Office Lifesaving commendation in April 2021 for his part in saving the life of a man trapped in a burning vehicle. He was an EMR and was also recently accepted on the Sheriff’s Crisis Negotiations team and was excited to put his recent certification to use,” it said.

“Deputy McCowan was always smiling and friendly to everyone. He loved riding motorcycles and restoring old vehicles,” the Sheriff’s Office added. “Deputy McCowan leaves behind his children Cayley and Cayden, his granddaughter Ella, his mother and father, his fiancé Leah, and numerous family and friends. 

Blount County Sheriff's Office Deputy Shelby Eggers

Deputy Shelby Eggers, 22, was injured in the shooting. (Blount County Sheriff’s Office)

Eggers, 22, currently serves as a patrol deputy.


“Deputy Eggers knew before she graduated from Heritage High School in 2019 that she wanted to work for the BCSO,” the Sheriff’s Office said. “She was excited when she was accepted into the academy, and like Deputy McCowan, she excelled as a recruit.”

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