Americans questioned why Nikki Haley is still in the Republican primary as GOP front-runner former President Trump continues to dominate elections, even in the former South Carolina governor’s home state.

She probably should drop out,” Pete told Fox News while on Music City’s famous Broadway street. “I understand what she’s doing, I understand why she’s doing it, but she needs to get out.”

But Jodi said “she should still stay in the race.”

“She’s a better candidate than Trump,” she added.

Americans question why Nikki Haley remains in GOP primary: 'She's out of control' Video


Haley is the only remaining challenger to Trump, who is so far undefeated heading into Super Tuesday on Mar. 5, when voters in 16 states will cast their ballot this primary season. Most recently, Trump earned over 40% more votes than Haley in Michigan on Tuesday and beat her by 20% in her home state on Saturday.

“I think she has absolutely no chance against the man,” Oscar told Fox News the day before Michigan’s primary. “I voted in the New Hampshire primary … When Trump won, I think that was a defining moment where everybody realized that he’s going to be the candidate once again.”

“I really don’t know what she’s doing,” he continued. “She’s out of control.”

Similarly, Scott said, “she needs to get out” of the race. “It’s just a waste of money for her to stay in,” he added.

Nikki Haley, Donald Trump

Some said Haley’s big donors were the reason she remained in the race, while others said she’s waiting for Trump to be forced out of the election.  (Getty Images)


Several people said funding from big donors has kept her in the race. Since the start of the primaries, the largest Haley-aligned super PAC has received donations from Wall Street megadonors, big names like billionaire Charles Koch’s political network, Americans for Prosperity Action and even a top Democratic donor, Reid Hoffman.

“She’s getting funded by the other side. That’s what they do.” George said. “If they can’t win their side, they will fund somebody else’s side just to try to get her in.”

But Dan said he had “no idea why there would be any money behind her whatsoever.”

“She’s got no path to victory,” he continued. 

Theresa said: “She’s just been encouraged by a lot of the anti-Trump people to stay in. It just hurts the party, I think.” 

Some said Haley was only staying in the race to swoop in as the nominee if Trump, for some reason, becomes ineligible amid his ongoing legal battles. Trump is fighting four separate lawsuits and dozens of felony charges while seeking to lock up the Republican presidential nomination.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley

Over the past week, Trump earned over 40% more votes than Haley in Michigan and beat her by 20% in South Carolina, her home state. (REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

“I think she’s just staying in hopes that something happens with Trump,” Scott told Fox News. “Whether it’s legal issues or something that’s going to knock him out.


Similarly, Pete said the only reason she refuses to drop out is because “we don’t really know what’s going to happen with Trump.”

“I like Trump,” he said. “Will he be there? I hope he’s there in the end, but I can’t guarantee he will be.”

But Josh said Haley’s effort “seems pointless.”

“It seems like an inevitable match-up between Trump and Biden again at this point,” he told Fox News, “which I don’t really think anyone wants. So it’s surprising that that continues to happen.”

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