Acer Swift Go 14 Core Ultra almost closed

The Acer Swift Go 14 (SFG14-73/T) features a 14-inch display powered by an Intel Core Ultra and Arc graphics .


Acer is out with more Meteor Lake laptops. The first Core Ultra-equipped Acer Swift Go 14 was released last month as part of Intel’s Meteor Lake launch day. It was the first laptop based on one of Intel’s new Core Ultra processors that we tested and reviewed. You’ll soon have three more Core Ultra options in the Swift line with today’s announcement of a second Acer Swift Go 14 model with an Imax Enhanced OLED display, a larger Swift Go 16 model with a up to a 16-inch 3.2K Imax Enhanced OLED display and a Swift X 14 with RTX graphics. The laptops will be available in February or March.

A pair of Swift Go models get the Core Ultra treatment

The Swift Go 14 (SFG14-73/T) and Swift Go 16 (SFG16-72/T) offer a variety of Intel Core Ultra processors, including the midrange Ultra 7 155H chip that was featured in the Swift Go 14 (SFG14-72/T) model we reviewed. Two other H-series processors, the Core Ultra 9 185H and Ultra 5 125H, are offered along two chips from the more-efficient U series in the Ultra 7 155U and Ultra 5 125U. 

Both laptops feature integrated Intel Arc graphics and multiple display options. On the 14-inch model, you can opt for up to a 2.8K, 90Hz OLED panel and up to a 3.2K, 120Hz OLED on the 16-inch model. Both of these display options are Imax Enhanced Certified. Both models also feature a high-res 1440p webcam.

The 14-inch model features a touchpad that can be enabled with virtual media-control buttons, which for some reason are not offered on the Swift Go 16 that, with its larger display, is arguably better suited for consuming and controlling media.

Core Ultra Acer Swift Go 16 laptop Core Ultra Acer Swift Go 16 laptop

The Acer Swift Go 16 features up to a 3.2K OLED display powered by an Intel Core Ultra CPU.

Matt Elliott/CNET

The Acer Swift Go 14 (SFG14-73/T) will be available in the US in March starting at $750. Also shipping in March, the Acer Swift Go 16 (SFG16-72/T) will start at $800.

New Swift X 14 combines Core Ultra with RTX 

Acer Swift X 14 laptop front and back Acer Swift X 14 laptop front and back

The Acer Swift X 14 serves up Core Ultra processors and RTX graphics.


Acer’s RTX-equipped 14-inch model, the Swift X 14 (SFX14-72G) is an update to the Swift X 14 I reviewed last year. It offers up to a Core Ulta 7 155H CPU and RTX 4070 graphics for creators looking for a compact yet powerful laptop. The top-end option for the 14.5-inch display is a 2.8K, 120Hz OLED display that’s Calman verified. Unlike the Swift Go models, however, it features only a 1080p webcam.

The Swift X 14 (SFX14-72G) starts at $1,400 and starts shipping in February.

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