Jen and Ben the first time around, back in 2003 (Image: Getty)

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In a sentence that wouldn’t have made sense the first time they were together, Bennifer 2.0 have gone Instagram ­Official.

In other words, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have announced, via the medium of a picture of them snogging on the photo-sharing app, that they’re a couple again.

They’ve been apart for nearly two decades.

The picture – a typical relaxed holiday snap, JLo style, aka taken on board a yacht in St Tropez by her official photographer – was posted to mark Jennifer’s birthday.

But it feels like she’s given us the gift. Firstly, let’s state the obvious: Ben and Jen reuniting is exactly the injection of nostalgia and hope the world needs at the moment. A sparkly vaccine to enjoy after having your other, even more important ­coronavirus jabs which, of course, you must get if you haven’t already.

Being magically transported back to the carefree days of 2004 is the best getaway many of us will have this year. And lost loves coming full circle 17 years later – full of optimism about the future – is incredibly romantic, unless you’re one of the people they married in the gap.

In terms of trying to understand just how significant and influential a celebrity power couple they were back in the day, one simple fact: they were the first to be given a portmanteau nickname. Without Bennifer, there would have been no Brangelina. No Kimye, TomKat, Billary or Hiddleswift. No Jedward.

If this works out, Bennifer 2.0 will also confirm many widely spouted, but as yet never scientifically ­verified relationship theories. Right person, wrong time. The grass isn’t greener. You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.

It may also cast fear into the heart of anyone who has ever wondered if their partner is secretly pining for The One That Got Away… but I’m pretty sure Jennifer Lopez is the exception to, rather than proof of, that rule.

Let’s just hope the wave of slightly desperate goodwill behind them doesn’t put too much ­pressure on Bennifer II: The Sequel. Good news is so precious at the moment; a lighthearted, happy, fluffy, razzy love story to discuss and delight in is the perfect antidote for our times… along with the coronavirus jabs which, of course, you must get if you haven’t already.

Jen is now wearing a ‘Ben’ necklace, and rumour has it she’ll soon be going as Jewellery Official as it gets, with a ring on her finger.

Her mum has apparently always loved him. Ben’s friends are said to be thrilled about the good ­influence teetotal Jen will be, in the wake of his addiction issues.

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All the pieces, it seems, are falling into place.

The odds are surely stacked in their favour. He’s 48, she’s 52, they’ve been around Jenny’s block enough to know what they want out of a relationship by now.

Being together will be a heady mix of familiar and fresh.

They presumably have new perspectives on the issues that broke them up and are very familiar with the reality of living without each other.

But most of all, they know that at a time where we’re lucky to benefit from medical breakthroughs – like the coronavirus jabs which, of course, you must get if you haven’t already – turns out there still ain’t no cure for love.