We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "home comforts". Here are some of the photographs we received from around the world.

Image source, Natasha Everson-WilliamsImage caption, Natasha Everson-Williams: "Heartwarming pumpkin soup, made using the last of my pumpkins."Image source, Rachel CunninghamImage caption, Rachel Cunningham: "It's a dog's life! Bandit, our JRT (Jack Russell Terrier), and his favourite creature comfort."Image source, Nick DunnImage caption, Nick Dunn: "Nothing like a deckchair."Image source, Sarah SecklerImage caption, Sarah Seckler: "My living room in Bangkok, Thailand was a comfort during a particularly difficult season of life. I spent time watching my apartment fill with golden light every evening, and this reminded me of hope. Shot on 35mm film."Image source, Stuart HarrisonImage caption, Stuart Harrison: "We adopted Stevie from a cat rescue centre during the pandemic in June 2020, and he has settled as this recent picture shows."Image source, Janet BoulterImage caption, Janet Boulter: "The crofter's home was still in use until 1964. The peat fire burning in the middle of the room provided both heating and cooking for the family. Electricity was introduced but only for basic lighting."Image source, Keely M PlegerImage caption, Keely M Pleger: "Two best friends snuggled up in front of the fireplace."Image source, Angela McKiernonImage caption, Angela McKiernon: "A baby snail and mum travelling with all the comforts of home."Image source, Anton GlaeseImage caption, Anton Glaeser: "It seems the most valuable home comforts arise from sharing time rather than buying new belongings. I took the photo with a self-timer, camera sitting on an old desk in front of us, after my wife and I visited the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy."Image source, Naara Pallarés PousadaImage caption, Naara Pallarés Pousada: "During the lockdown of 2020, my husband and I used our extra time at home to find new ways that would bring us closer to each other and give us a measure of comfort at home. One of them was making sourdough bread. A new loaf of sourdough bread at our home in the Hudson Valley, New York."

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