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Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon has filed a not guilty plea to contempt of Congress charges after he refused to give evidence about the Capitol riot.

Mr Bannon surrendered to the FBI on Monday, two days after being charged by the Department of Justice. He has vowed to fight the charges.

Lawmakers investigating the 6 January attack had summoned him to testify on what he knew about riot plans.

He faces up to a year in prison and a $100,000 (£74,100) fine if convicted.

Mr Bannon is accused of one count of refusing to appear for a deposition and one count of refusing to provide subpoenaed documents to a committee investigating the riot.

He filed the not guilty plea on Wednesday. Mr Bannon was expected to issue the plea in court on Thursday, but his lawyers have requested the judge to waive the proceeding.

His indictment is the first to come out of the House of Representatives Select Committee's inquiry into the Capitol riot.

The 6 January riot saw supporters of former President Donald Trump storming Congress as results of the 2020 election were being certified inside.

According to subpoena documents, Mr Bannon said on the eve of the riot that "all hell is going to break loose tomorrow".

His lawyers have argued that his communications involving the former president are protected.

On Monday, the right-wing podcast host lashed out at the Biden administration and vowed that "this is going to be the misdemeanour from hell".

Mr Bannon told reporters he believes the charges are politically motivated and vowed to fight them.

The court has mandated that Mr Bannon check in weekly, remain at his listed address and notify plans to leave the Washington area. He has also been forced to surrender his passport.