We asked our readers to send in their best pictures on the theme "a long journey". Here are some of the ones we received from around the world.

Image source, Matej HercImage caption, Matej Herc: "This picture was taken during the hike on the Thorong La in Nepal. The gentleman had to carry a new window to his cottage in the mountains."Image source, Neil McnairImage caption, Neil McNair: "The long journey home up the River Ribble at Stainforth."Image source, Thomas DinasquetImage caption, Thomas Dinasquet: "This picture was taken in north Thailand, near Chiang Rai on the Kok River where I used to live. The farmer is using only the strength of the river to bring the bamboos of his labour to the market. A sensible use of nature`s resources."Image source, Harald LoefflerImage caption, Harald Loeffler: "The Eyre Highway across the Nullarbor Plain of South and Western Australia. Services were few and far between when I hitch-hiked this road in 1981 on my way to Perth from Melbourne."Image source, Tom BullockImage caption, Tom Bullock: "This was captured using a pinhole camera (made from a beer can) to show the journey of the sun in the sky over seven months. Darker patches are cloudy days, with the shadow of nearby trees towards the bottom. The nice thing about this image for me is that one of the trails about a third of the way up is the day my daughter was born."Image source, Anamaria MihalceaImage caption, Anamaria Mihalcea: "The light captured in this picture shows that we can see heaven on earth, we just have to wait for the right moment to be shown to us."Image source, Alexander HenshawImage caption, Alexander Henshaw: "When you've travelled as far as land can take you, just sit and soak it in, that's all there is to do."Image source, Chris BryantImage caption, Chris Bryant: "Resting on Crib y Ddysgl after negotiating Crib Goch whilst friends catch up. Not far to Snowdon summit now."Image source, Jeff GilgannonImage caption, Jeff Gilgannon: "The Long Journey over Crank Hill in St Helens, Merseyside. This was taken on an unsettled early evening and I imagine I'm following the trees on a journey which takes us over this lonely hill."Image source, Carri UrangaImage caption, Carri Uranga: "I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 1999, walking 2,180 miles (3,500km) from Georgia to Maine in the US. This photo was taken at the 2,000-mile mark after almost six months of walking."Image source, Armando FroioImage caption, Armando Froio: "While travelling through northern Iceland a while ago, we decided to take a break at a small bar. The view from the window was so peaceful, it made this stop and its memory quite vivid in our mind."Image source, Thomas G BodeImage caption, Thomas G Bode took this while walking the Pacific Crest Trail, Washington State, USA.Image source, Tom Candalino SrImage caption, Tom Candalino Sr: "After a scenic hike to The Wave in Arizona, our group takes a well-deserved break to reflect on the unique terrain we just experienced. The stay was all too short but the memories remain."Image source, Linda RoweImage caption, Linda Rowe: "I heard migrating geese in the sky, in Shropshire. I looked up as they flew by the moon. The start of a long journey."

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