The founder of America’s biggest instant grocery app has predicted a spate of failures among UK rivals, saying many loss-making delivery firms are “unsustainable”.

Yakir Gola, the co-chief executive of US app GoPuff, said that rival companies are “running out of money” and having trouble raising cash.

Around a dozen delivery apps offering orders of groceries and essentials in less than an hour are now operating in the UK, and shot to prominence during the pandemic.

They have attracted billions in venture capital, while restaurant delivery apps Deliveroo and Uber Eats have also entered the field.

Speaking in London as GoPuff announced it was launching its delivery service in Britain, Mr Gola said that there would be inevitable failures, forcing apps to sell.

He said: “The music is going to stop at some point. There’s going to be a lot more consolidation in the space, and only the strong will survive it.

“You’re seeing some players having trouble raising capital, cutting their marketing spend to zero, they’re essentially running out of money. A lot of people are not going to make it.”

GoPuff, which was founded in 2013, is launching in Britain after acquiring two start-ups, Fancy and Dija. This year it was valued at $15bn (£11bn), and investors include Blackstone and SoftBank’s Vision Fund.

Unlike many “third party” services that deliver from existing high street shops, the company operates its own warehouses, making a margin on items it sells such as ice cream and toiletries, and charging a £1.79 delivery fee.

It is launching in 10 cities and says it plans to be in 33 by the middle of next year.

Mr Gola said that third party firms that rely on other shops would be the most likely to struggle. 

He said: “I don’t think that the third party model is sustainable long-term. The way they monetise is monetising the gig economy. They don’t have the margin on the products, they have margin on the people.

“We have more capital than everyone combined in this category. We have significant confidence that we’re going to be number one very soon.”

Weezy, the British delivery app, has been exploring a sale, according to reports, while the US giant Doordash recently pulled out of a $400m investment in Germany start-up Gorillas, which operates in the UK.