Image source, WargasmImage caption, Wargasm vocalist Sam Matlock shows the injuries he says he received at the Scala venue

The frontman of a nu-metal band says he was attacked by three bouncers who pushed his head down a backstage toilet after a gig.

In a post on social media, Wargasm alleges security staff at Scala in Kings Cross, central London, assaulted singer Sam Matlock on Friday night.

A photo of Matlock shows large red marks across his back and arms.

The Security Industry Authority said a complaint had been received. Scala has not responded to the BBC.

Wargasm had put on a live performance at the Pentonville Road music venue as part of Facedown, which bills itself as "London's biggest rock night".

The band's social media post states they were packing up their kit when security guards were "verbally aggressive" to their female tour manager, which led to Matlock "having to step in".

Image source, WargasmImage caption, Wargasm's statement alleging assault

The bouncers then "dragged" him into the toilets, "slammed his head against the toilet seat" and "held his head in the toilet bowl".

Wargasm has criticised the security team's actions as a "completely overzealous and unnecessary use of force".

This is disgraceful and why the work @safegigs4women does is so important. Artists, road crew, or punters should not have to suffer these types of actions. A show should be safe for everybody to attend.

— Speakeasy (@Speakeasy_Zine) November 8, 2021
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The post says what happened was "deeply shocking" and there has been no response from the venue about the issue.

Wargasm no longer considers Scala a safe venue, "especially for women" – the band's tour manager who is said to have been the initial subject of "verbal aggression" from bouncers is female – and has called for the security team to be sacked.

An outpouring of support from fans has filled the band's social media feeds, including from campaigners safegigs4women.

— Face Down (@facedownlondon) November 7, 2021
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The promoter of the club night, Facedown, said the venue was responsible for employing the security team.

It said it did "not appreciate people being manhandled in this way", whether band members or people in the audience.

A spokesman for the Security Industry Authority, which regulates security licences, confirmed a complaint had been received.

He said: "We have received a report relating to an incident at the Wargasm gig and will be looking into this further."