Sky is adding Apple’s TV app to its boxes and new televisions, bringing the last streaming app to its platform later this year.

The likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are already available on Sky Q and its new Sky Glass. 

The deal will allow customers to watch Apple TV+ shows such as Ted Lasso alongside Sky shows and programming from these other services.

Earlier this month Sky unveiled Glass, its own television with Sky services built-in that are delivered over the internet and do not need a satellite dish. It that marks a departure from nearly three decades of dominating the pay TV market with its dishes.

It follows the launch of its Now TV app several years ago in a bid to win customers who did not want or could not install a satellite dish or wanted to pay less than the monthly cost of a Sky subscription.

Dana Strong, the Sky chief executive, cheered the consumer reaction to Glass and predicted the monthly payment styled on mobile phone contracts would mean long-term relationships with customers. 

Sky chief executive Dana Strong hopes Sky Glass will help the company compete with streaming giants

The pay TV provider which operates in Italy and Germany as well as the UK and Ireland lost a quarter of a million customers to 23m in the three months to September after losing some top-flight Italian football matches to the sports streaming service DAZN. 

DAZN sealed one of its largest European streaming deals in March after beating Sky with a £2.1bn bid for the bulk of the rights to Serie A matches between 2021 and 2024. The app, which is backed by the billionaire Sir Leonard Blavatnik, is in advanced talks to buy BT Sport. 

Despite the customer slump, Sky revenues rose 4pc to $5bn (£3.6bn) as advertising sales rose 16pc to $561m. 

Profits soared 89pc to $971m as lower costs from losing the Serie rights boosted the bottom line. 

Brian Roberts, chief executive of Comcast, said Sky "maintained momentum" and he was "excited about the opportunity to continue to invest in our global technology platform… while returning more capital to shareholders". 

Comcast revenues rose 19pc to $30.3bn during the third quarter, as profits stepped up 18pc to $9bn on the back of a 255,000 rise in cable customers.