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Hollywood star Chris Evans takes Buzz Lightyear to infinity in the first trailer for Pixar's Toy Story spin-off.

The animated film, titled Lightyear, will focus on the backstory of the space ranger who supposedly inspired the toy in the Toy Story franchise.

Lightyear sees Evans take over voice acting duties from Tim Allen, who portrayed the toy character in the original four films.

Directed by Angus MacLane, it is due for release in June 2022.

"It's a straightforward sci-fi action film about the Buzz Lightyear character," MacLane told EW.

The new film will explore Buzz's rise through the ranks to become captain of the Universe Protection Unit of the Space Ranger corps, dedicated to fighting the evil emperor Zurg.

The trailer, soundtracked by David Bowie's Starman, shows him flying his spaceship through the galaxy and facing foes before eventually donning the suit popularised by his toy counterpart.

The clip ends before Buzz can finish his catchphrase: "To infinity and beyond."

The first Toy Story film from 1995 saw Buzz mistakenly believe himself to be a real-life space ranger rather than merchandise, and unsurprisingly have trouble flying in his integrated space suit.

Before 2019's fourth Toy Story film, Disney revealed its Buzz figure to be its best-selling toy of all time.

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