Image source, AFP via Getty Images

People have taken to the streets in Sudan to protest against the military coup.

The military has dissolved civilian rule, arrested political leaders and declared a state of emergency. The coup leader, Gen Abdel Fattah Burhan, has blamed political infighting.

Large numbers poured on to the streets of the capital, Khartoum, demanding the return of civilian rule.

More are expected to join the protests after calls for action by political parties and professional unions.

Image source, SuppliedImage caption, Both men and women poured on to the streets in opposition to the coupImage source, SuppliedImage caption, Three people are said to have been shot dead by the armed forcesImage source, SuppliedImage caption, Military and civilian leaders have not seen eye to eye since Omar al-Bashir was overthrown two years agoImage source, SuppliedImage caption, Doctors have refused to work at hospitals and institutions under military ruleImage source, SuppliedImage caption, Khartoum's airport is closed and international flights are suspendedImage source, SuppliedImage caption, The internet is also down across the countryImage source, AFP via Getty ImagesImage caption, Around 80 people have been injured, the Sudan Central Doctor's Committee said

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