A senior executive of Chinese technology giant Huawei is due to appear in a New York court in a bid to resolve US fraud charges, according to media reports.

Meng Wanzhou was detained nearly three years ago in Canada at the request of US authorities, sparking an international row.

Ms Meng says she is innocent and has been fighting extradition to the US.

The incident has strained China's relations with the US and Canada.

If the charges against Meng Wanzhou are dropped her extradition case in Canada will be thrown out and she could be free as early as today.

CBC News reports that Ms Meng could plead guilty and pay a fine as part of a deal with the court to defer charges.

The US alleges Ms Meng misled the bank HSBC over the true nature of Huawei's relationship with a company called Skycom, putting the bank at risk of violating US sanctions against Iran.