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Blogger Gabby Petito embarked on a road trip this July with her fiancé, Brian Laundrie. In the last few weeks, both have been reported missing, and Ms Petito is now believed to be dead. What happened?

On Sunday, police said a search crew had discovered a body matching the description of Ms Petito at a national park in Wyoming.

Ms Petito, 22, was visiting the Grand Teton National Park with Mr Laundrie, 23, as part of a cross-country camper van road trip.

But after a month of travelling, Mr Laundrie returned home to Florida without Ms Petito.

Mr Laundrie has now gone missing himself. He is considered a "person of interest" in the case but has not been charged with any crime.

Here's what we know about the case so far.

Who is Gabby Petito?

In July, Ms Petito set off on a road trip from her hometown in Long Island, New York, with Mr Laundrie.

Mr Laundrie and Ms Petito got engaged in July 2020, according to their social media.

The two high school sweethearts documented their nomadic "van life" through national parks in the American West on Instagram and YouTube.

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The journey was originally intended to last four months, US media report, but Mr Laundrie returned home to Florida alone on 1 September.

Ms Petito's family reported her missing 10 days later.

What happened?

It is still unclear what happened when Ms Petito, and later, Mr Laundrie, went missing, but some details have emerged from the weeks prior.

On 12 August, police in the southern Utah town of Moab were called to a possible domestic violence incident involving the couple.

Bodycam footage showed Ms Petito crying and complaining about her mental health to officers. She also said the couple had been arguing more frequently.

A police report of the incident said Mr Laundrie claimed Ms Petito hit him after an argument.

The officers recommended they spend the night apart but did not file any charges. It is not yet known what happened next.

media captionWatch: Police stopped Gabby Petito two weeks ago

On 19 August, a video was posted to a YouTube channel registered with Ms Petito's email. The video showed the couple smiling, kissing and running on beaches. It has been viewed more than 3.2 million times.

Regular social media updates from the couple on Instagram abruptly ended in late August.

Ms Petito video called her mother on 24 August to say she was leaving Utah and heading to the Teton mountain range in Wyoming, according to Rick Stafford, the Petito's lawyer.

Her mother, Nicole Schmidt, told CBS New York that she and Ms Petito would usually speak three times a week during the road trip.

On 25 August, Ms Petito posted for the last time on Instagram, with the caption "Happy Halloween". Her photo gallery did not include any location information.

The last time Ms Petito's family heard from her was a text message on 30 August that read: "No service in Yosemite", a reference to the national park in California.

Ms Schmidt has cast doubt over who sent this message.

After a search that drew national public interest, officials discovered human remains believed to belong to Ms Petito in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park on 19 September.

What remains unknown?

A full forensic analysis is still required to confirm the body found in Wyoming belongs to Ms Petito.

An autopsy scheduled for Tuesday will determine the cause of death.

Investigators have yet to disclose how and where the body was found.

  • Body found in search for missing Gabby Petito
  • Man sought over missing fiancée disappears too

Mr Laundrie, currently the only person of interest in this case, also remains missing.

Family reported his disappearance over the weekend, saying he had left for a hike on 14 September and never came back.

He did not share any information with police before he vanished.

What do we know about Brian Laundrie?

Mr Laundrie and Ms Petito had moved into his parents' home in North Port, Florida, in 2019.

When Mr Laundrie returned to North Port without his fiancée, he did not contact her family or police.

Mr Laundrie's attorney Steve Bertolino has said the family "is remaining in the background at this juncture".

On 20 September, the FBI searched the Laundrie residence for clues.

Authorities had been looking for Mr Laundrie in a 24,000-acre nature preserve near North Port with police dogs and drones. On Monday, they called off the search.