A selection of the best photos from the African continent and beyond.

image sourceAFPimage captionOn Saturday Prince Tsola Emiko is crowned the new king, or olu, of Warri in Nigeria.image sourceEPAimage captionIn Liberia, people are out celebrating National Flag Day on Tuesday to mark the country's independence from the US.image sourceAFPimage captionOver in Libya, others gather in Tripoli on Friday to mark the 10th anniversary of the city's capture from former leader Muammar Gaddafi.image sourceGetty Imagesimage captionEthiopian Orthodox Christian have their own celebrations on Sunday for Filseta Day, after 15 days of fasting.image sourceAFPimage captionA woman harvests tea leaves in Kenya – the world's third-largest exporter of black tea, after China and India.image sourceGetty Imagesimage captionHeavy rains cause severe flooding in Senegal, forcing many people to flee their homes in the capital, Dakar.image sourceEPAimage captionThousands of chickens are slaughtered in Ivory Coast, which is grappling with an outbreak of avian flu.image sourceAFPimage captionMeanwhile in South Africa, a railway-based healthcare service is used to take Covid vaccines to communities with limited health resources and access.image sourceGetty Imagesimage captionA supporter of newly elected Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema, known as Bally or father, watches proceedings at the inauguration ceremony in Lusaka on Tuesday.image sourceAFPimage captionAngolan athletes wait backstage ahead of the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Paralympic games on Tuesday.image sourceGetty Imagesimage captionAmong those competing in the Paralympics is Ibrahim Elhusseiny, an Egyptian table tennis champion.

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