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A week after the Taliban takeover of the country, many Afghans are uncertain of what it will mean for their lives and their safety. Here, a young female student shares her fears about her future. The BBC is not identifying her to protect her safety.

"It is the seventh day since the country collapsed, the president escaped, and the Taliban, once again, came to power.

We are left behind…

Fear has taken over my whole being, and as the days pass, I can feel how hope fades away from within me. It gets replaced with frustration. All I can see is darkness, uncertainty, and a not so bright future.

I will be killed certainly. I have reasons to be…

This is how it feels when the ones you are afraid of occupy the country.

Imagine being on a long road, with no end, with hazy weather; alone.

I have witnessed so many hurdles in my life, many that no other girl would be able to tolerate. I could manage to overcome them, but this…

Hey world, do you care what happens here? Do we matter to you? Do you see us? Do you?

For those who are listening, for those who care, I am writing this. I am saying this.

We are suffering here, we are being left behind.

Living with fear is no less than death. It is worse.

If you are listening to us, help us. Help us survive, and once again believe in light and rise; stronger than before.

We want our country back. Want our people to live the way they want, the way they deserve.

Tell your countries to stop war – war is ugly, it has a dirty face, it has no winner. The heart is too tiny to bear war, to bear its consequences.

We are the fruit of war, some young girls drown in uncertainties, in fear, in doubts… looking for somebody to help us survive. Looking at our families and crying for being unable to do anything.

Looking at the sky and asking from him: do you see us, will you help us? Shall I have hope, that little hope!

Hey world, hey people living out there, lucky you! I envy the life you live.

Look at us. I was the one with so many big dreams, dreams of helping others and now I am seeking help.

This is war. Will I be able to ever say: We did it? We could make it? Will I?"

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