image sourceInstagram / @shinnybrynimage captionAn image posted on Instagram appeared to show Princess Latifa, left, in Iceland with her cousin (centre) and Sioned Taylor

The campaign to free Princess Latifa, the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, has been disbanded after she was pictured with a family member in Iceland.

The image was posted on Instagram by a British woman and appears to show the princess standing next to her cousin.

The BBC broadcast footage earlier this year in which the princess said she was being held captive by her father.

It prompted an international outcry, with the UN calling for proof that the 35-year-old was still alive.

But several images of Latifa have since emerged. They were posted by Sioned Taylor, who was also in one such image in June that appeared to show the pair together at Madrid airport.

Others showed Latifa at a shopping mall and a restaurant in Dubai.

However, it is unclear how much freedom the princess has as she has not spoken publicly since the pictures began to surface.

The Free Latifa campaign issued a statement on Monday confirming that the princess had met her cousin, Marcus Essabri, in Iceland.

"Following the meeting… it has been decided that the most appropriate step at this time is to close the Free Latifa campaign," it said.

"The primary purpose of [the] campaign was to see Latifa free leading the life she chooses for herself," the statement added. "We have clearly gone a long way towards achieving that goal."

"[We] had an emotional reunion," said Mr Essabri, whose aunt is Latifa's mother. "I feel blessed that I got to spend time with her. It was reassuring to see her so happy, well and focused on her plans."

In a tweet, David Haigh, co-founder of the Free Latifa campaign, thanked those who have supported the campaign.

image sourceInstagram / @shinnybrynimage captionThis Instagram image posted in June appeared to show Princess Latifa, right, in Madrid

Latifa, one of the 25 children of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, attempted to escape from Dubai in February 2018.

In a video recorded shortly before she left, she said that her life was heavily constricted. "I haven't left the country since 2000. I've been asking a lot to just go travelling, to study, to do anything normal. They don't let me," she said.

But the escape went wrong: eight days into a sea journey across the Indian Ocean, the boat was caught by commandos who forcibly removed Latifa and returned her to Dubai.

Her father later said that he considered this a "rescue mission".

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In February, BBC Panorama broadcast videos secretly recorded by Princess Latifa and passed to friends abroad, in which she describes her capture and her imprisonment after her return to Dubai.

She said she was being held alone without access to medical or legal help in a villa with windows and doors barred shut, and guarded by police.