In Australia, users can order snacks and hot drinks through the app, which are lowered to customers on a wire

Credit: Wing

A drone delivery company controlled by Google’s owner, Alphabet, has launched a hunt for UK regulatory experts as part of its push into Europe.

Wing, which was launched in 2012 and spun out into a separate company in 2018, is seeking a compliance manager to engage with regulators for permissions for its autonomous drones business.

The tech company’s policy team will be based in either London or Helsinki, job postings said, with a mandate to influence the European Aviation Safety Agency or local regulators, such as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The Telegraph revealed last year that Wing had set up a UK subsidiary, although at the time it said this was part of a “preliminary, exploratory step”.

Wing was launched as part of Alphabet’s X division – its so-called “moonshot factory”. It became a separate company three years ago. Wing did not respond to requests for comment on its plans.

The drone delivery company officially launched its delivery app in Canberra, Australia in 2019. Users can order snacks and hot drinks through the app, which are lowered to customers on a wire.

Since last year, the company has been testing its drone delivery service in Virginia with partners such as parcel delivery giant FedEx.

Wing’s real world trials come as Amazon was this week revealed to have scaled back its own autonomous drone delivery operations in the UK.

The online retail giant was reported to have cut or reassigned around 100 roles from its Prime Air division, many of them at its Cambridge development hub. Amazon still has a licence to test its drones with the CAA, the regulator said.

But advances in autonomous drones have remained slow in the UK, with strict rules on flying unmanned aircraft “beyond visual line of sight”.