Nijel Amos and Isaiah Jewett walk to the finish line together


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The Olympic spirit was alive and well in Tokyo on Sunday when two runners dramatically collided in the 800 metres semi-finals before helping each other up and jogging side by side over the finish line.

America’s Isaiah Jewitt was about to turn into the home straight when he tripped, began to fall and clipped Botswana’s gold-medal favourite Nijel Amos on the shin.

Both men tumbled to the track and could only watch as the field sprinted off into the distance.

There were no hard feelings from either party, with Jewett offering his hand to help Amos to his feet before the pair jogged the remainder of the race in unison.

Following a protest from the Botswana team, Amos was later advanced to the final, which will now have nine men instead of the eight who automatically qualified.

Isaiah Jewett accidently trips Nijel Amos


Both men are forced to watch their rivals charge towards the finish


Both men looks distraught

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The pair shake hands and help each other up

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They run towards the finishing line together


Their display of the Olympic spirit will live long in the memory

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The episode evoked memories of a similar collision at Rio 2016, when American Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand crashed into each other in the 5,000m heats.

The two women helped each other up and both managed to finish the race despite D’Agostino tearing her cruciate ligament in the fall. They were given clearance to advance to the final, although only Hamblin was fit to compete.

Both runners were presented with the Pierre de Coubertin world trophy, awarded to those who exemplify the Olympic spirit.