Telling people not to rinse their dishes to save the planet is not "nanny state gone mad", Allegra Stratton has insisted as she said people should put recycling bins in bathrooms to help the environment.

Earlier this week Ms Stratton, the Government’s COP26 spokesman,  sparked a debate about what "micro-steps" households can take to help the environment by suggesting that families should save water by not rinsing dishes before they go into the dishwasher in a Telegraph article.

Ms Stratton also floated the idea of freezing left-over bread to reuse rather than throwing it away and ordering shampoo in cardboard packaging.

However, in her first interview since then, which you can listen to on the audio player above, Ms Stratton denied that it was not "nanny statism" for her to suggest these small lifestyle changes ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November.

She told today’s Chopper’s Politics: "It’s not nanny-statism because it’s not me saying ‘do this’. It’s me saying ‘people around the country are already doing quite a few of these things, why don’t you Chopper, think about one, or if you want five, that you can do’.

She added: "We are, in Government, doing a huge amount of work to make sure that we’re future-proofing the United Kingdom, making sure that if there is any extreme weather or adverse effects from climate change, we are ready.

"For our kids, for our grandkids and so on, we are future proofing it. But also business is getting involved, so it’s not that we’re saying ‘nanny state gone mad’, I’m very familiar with the concept, but it’s not that.

"It’s simply if you want to know what you can do and you think that the government’s doing a lot and you think business is doing a lot, then all of society can pull together."

Pressed about other micro-steps Ms Stratton suggested that people can do more to recycle plastics that are thrown away in bathrooms, such as shampoo bottles.

She said: " There’s some evidence that people are really good at recycling from their kitchen and that kind of waste, but have a bit of a blind spot about the bathroom, for example.

"The idea of recycling bags and bins in your bathroom is not something I had thought about, but there’s some evidence that we’re not as good as recycling from the bathroom. So a little bit of a nudge there surely must help."

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