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1. US urged to scrap travel ban on Britons

Britain expects the US to drop its UK travel ban after ministers reopened the border to Americans, the Transport Secretary said on Wednesday night.

Grant Shapps announced that fully vaccinated travellers from the US and the EU would be allowed to enter Britain without quarantine from Monday morning, and made it clear he expected the move to be reciprocated for British holidaymakers. Read the full story.

2. Neil Ferguson ‘overconfident’ in his Covid claims, says top US forecaster

Nate Silver, one of the world’s most renowned forecasters, has criticised Prof Neil Ferguson for his "overconfident" prediction that Covid cases could rise to 100,000 a day. 

Mr Silver, a statistician who rose to prominence after correctly calling the results of the 2008 US presidential election, said there were too many variables in the pandemic for anyone to be certain of the outcome. Read the full story.

3. Astronomers see back of a black hole for first time, proving Albert Einstein was right

Astronomers have managed to look behind a black hole for the first time and have proved that Albert Einstein was right about how these mysterious celestial behemoths behave.

An international team of researchers used high-powered X-ray telescopes to study a supermassive black hole 800 million light years away at the centre of a distant galaxy. Read the full story.

4. French teacher sacked after attempting to scupper transgender candidate’s hopes of being head girl

A French teacher has been sacked after attempting to scupper the election hopes of a transgender candidate who wanted to be head girl. 

Susan Field told her tutor group she felt the pupil was not "representative" of the student body and that it was not an "appropriate" role for her, the teaching watchdog found. Read the full story.

5. Day six from Tokyo 2020

Follow the latest updates from the Olympic Games – and catch up on what you missed overnight. Read the full story.

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