Becca Scheer lost around 14 stone in over 11 months (Image: MDWfeatures/@beccas_battle)

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After years of comfort eating this woman was too HEAVY for the scales, but after losing 14 stone in less than a year she's unrecognisable – and she says the key was quitting sugar.

Habit change coach Becca Scheer, struggled with her weight whilst growing up. In order to cope with difficult emotions, Becca found herself comfort eating and at her heaviest, weighed upwards of 25st 2lb with the scale unable to extend to a full reading.

Becca would constantly be told, 'You're too pretty to be so big,' by both family and friends. On one occasion, her grandmother questioned why Becca's husband Matt, 33, then her boyfriend would want to be with her.

In April 2018, Becca 31, from Mechanicsville in Virginia, USA, attended a funeral for her cousin who died following a heroin overdose.

Becca photographed with two of her children
(Image: MDWfeatures/@beccas_battle)

Becca Scheer with her children at school
(Image: MDWfeatures/@beccas_battle)

It made Becca realise that if she didn't act now, her addiction to food might similarly take her and she couldn't bear the thought of leaving Matt and her children Jax 8, Chris 6, and Calvin,6, Following the funeral,

Becca began a 28-day sugar detox paired with a low-carb diet. As her eating habits began to change, she transitioned to a keto diet a high-fat, low-carb diet that forces the body to burn more fat.

After following this for three months, Becca found herself eating only when she was hungry.

This led her to adopting a fasting approach to eating where she spent 20 hours a day fasting and eating her meals in the remaining four hours.

Becca Scheer poses in a black bikini which she previously never imagined doing
(Image: MDWfeatures/@beccas_battle)

The mum now celebrates her body which is something she would previously hide
(Image: MDWfeatures/@beccas_battle)

The technique cuts down on snacking and forces the body to burn the energy it already has.

Now she weighs an incredible 11st 7lb after losing around 14-stone in just over 11 months.

Becca previously wore a UK dress size 28 but can now buy UK sizes 8 and 10.

Losing weight transformed her life as she no longer worries about fitting into tight spaces like restaurant booths, plane seats, or rollercoasters.

Friends and family have also remarked on her new outgoing, upbeat attitude and Becca feels full of energy when playing with her children.

Becca with her husband Matt before her weight loss
(Image: MDWfeatures/@beccas_battle)

She said: "I never learnt how to cope with my emotions, so I spent years just shoving them down with food.

"I think I did the best I could with the tools I had at the time. I don't look back in anger at myself.

"After all, me at my highest weight was the badass that decided to get her life back together.

"I would hear, 'You're pretty to be so big' often.

"One time that stands out is when my grandmother looked at me and told me I would be pretty like my cousin if I lost weight.

She followed up by saying she didn't understand how my husband, then boyfriend, was so attractive and chose to be with me.

"Things changed when I was at my cousin's funeral who had passed from a heroin overdose.

"I wasn't addicted to drugs, but food was my drug and it was slowly killing me and taking me away from my husband and children.

The mum drinks black coffee for breakfast as this falls during her fasting period
(Image: MDWfeatures/@beccas_battle)

"On the way home from his funeral, I was too large to properly take care of myself in the restroom. I'd had enough.

"I soon after began the twenty-eight-day sugar detox paired with a low-carb way of eating. I transitioned into keto and about three months in, I started listening to my body and ate when I was hungry.

"That led me to the fasting lifestyle I have now which I love.

"It has completely changed my life. I now go out and enjoy life without worrying and stressing about fitting into booths, plane seats or rollercoasters.

"I started my own personal coaching business to help others achieve the same freedom in their lives.

"I find myself saying 'yes' to a lot more things now. I don't hide from the world. I feel comfortable and confident in my new self."

Becca Scheer shows off her slim physique after losing 14 stone
(Image: MDWfeatures/@beccas_battle)

She previously consumed between 6,000 and 8,000 calories a day.

For breakfast, she would eat four sausage and cheese muffins followed by three tacos, a pizza, two chicken quesadillas, and a large diet Pepsi from Taco Bell for lunch.

For dinner, she would eat two foot-long subs from Subway with buffalo chicken, extra cheese, and extra ranch.

Now, Becca eats around 1,900 calories a day and usually skips breakfast and just has a black coffee.

For lunch, she has six to eight buffalo wings and two bunches of broccoli and for dinner.

She also might eat two salmon fillets, a whole zucchini, and a large spinach salad with strawberries, blueberries, goats cheese, and a vinaigrette dressing. She also drinks three litres of water.

"People are blown away by my transformation," Becca said.

"They're always most impressed by how my spirit has changed and how much more outgoing I am.

"My husband's uncle didn't even recognise me. He thought my husband had brought a date to an event that wasn't me. We got a good laugh out of that.

"If you want to lose weight, keep it simple. I found the best thing I ever did for myself was detox my body off sugar. I no longer eat processed sugar, but I do eat fruits and natural honey."