Peaty won comfortably in the end, but his family admitted to huge nerves while watching from home

Credit: GETTY

A BBC interview with the proud family of Adam Peaty took an awkward turn when they suggested they were watching another channel’s coverage.

Caroline and Mark, his mother and father, had been asked a light-hearted question from host Dan Walker about Peaty "dropping F-bombs" after the race. 

"I didn’t hear that because we were on a different channel," replied Caroline, while Mark mouthed that they were watching Eurosport. Instead, she explained that Peaty’s party Eirianedd Munro had told Caroline that he had twice turned the air blue after his emotions got the better of him. 

Munro, who watched the action with the couple’s baby George, described how the pair celebrated his gold medal over FaceTime "while trying not to cry". 

"It was amazing," she told BBC One. "I think it’s something that we’re going to remember for the rest of our lives. It means everything. It’s every moment of his life that he dedicates to this. It means a lot…George was up with us. He’s very confused as to what was what was going on, but he was excited." 

The couple have since spoken but "didn’t really say much". "We were just smiling and trying not to cry," she said of the FaceTime call. 

Both BBC and Eurosport have suffered hiccups during the three opening days of full action in Tokyo. On Monday, the American-owned broadcaster apologised for temporarily losing all sound during its boxing coverage. Having missed the bronze medal moment in the judo on Sunday, the BBC’s coverage on Monday was broadly praised as Team GB secured a hat-trick of gold medals. 

The corporation swiftly apologised after Peaty swore twice as emotions got the better of him during an interview with Sharron Davies. 

"That’s what it takes to be an athlete," he said of his triumph. "It’s not the best who’s all year round, it’s the best on the day, the best person on the day, who’s the most adaptable – and really who f—–g wants it more." 

The over-enthusiastic outburst from Peaty, who finished in a time of 57.37 seconds, prompted an immediate apology from former Olympian Davies. She said: "Beep beep! Apologies for that…ha ha, er, did you feel the weight of the nation?" 

But Peaty used lively language again as he thanked the "nation for being behind me for the last  five years" as well as his "family, my gorgeous partner, my gorgeous son, and my family back home – they have been with it every step of the way". 

"I’m glad – I’m just so f—–g relieved," he added. 

Afterwards, Peaty’s mother Caroline described how she and Mark were "just really quiet" as they watched the race. "I feel a lot calmer now… I got up at half past two, and then started to feel sick and nervous, but I just sat back into the sofa," she added." 

She said that it’s "normally all screams and everything in the Peaty household", but "last night I think both of us knew it was going to be close."