A selection of powerful news photographs taken around the world this week.

image copyrightYuichi Yamazaki / Getty Imagesimage captionPeople take photographs of fireworks during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The international competition was delayed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.image copyrightAFPimage captionCars sit in floodwater in Zhengzhou in China's central Henan province. The region has seen massive floods due to record rainfall, leaving dozens dead and nearly 400,000 people evacuated from their homes.image copyrightSarah Meyssonnier / Reutersimage captionDirector Julia Ducournau poses after her film Titane won the top award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Ducournau is only the second woman to receive the Palme d'Or and the first female to win it solo.image copyrightRicardo Arduengo / Reutersimage captionPeople with fresh produce sit at a market in Cap-Haitien, Haiti.image copyrightPrakash Singh / AFPimage captionIn Delhi, members of India's Congress Party workers' wing are detained by security personnel during a demonstration against the government over alleged spyware surveillance. According to media reports, activists, journalists and lawyers around the world have been targeted with phone malware sold to authoritarian governments by an Israeli surveillance firm.image copyrightJohn Wessels / AFPimage captionSenegalese Muslims from the Layene community perform a prayer during Tabaski, in Dakar. Celebrated around the world as Eid al-Adha, the annual event is Senegal's biggest festival of the year.image copyrightBlue Origin / ZUMA Press Wire / Shutterstockimage captionBillionaire Jeff Bezos and three other passengers blast into space aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard, near Van Horn, Texas. The capsule reached a maximum altitude of around 107km (351,210ft) before starting its descent, parachuting down to a soft landing in the west Texas desert.image copyrightJane Barlow / PA Mediaimage captionCameron Smith explores Stalactite Cave, which forms part of a network of caves under the Arbroath cliffs on the Angus coast of Scotland.image copyrightPaqui Sanchez / EPAimage captionMigrants rest after climbing over the border fence to Melilla, a Spanish enclave adjacent to Morocco.image copyrightAndrew Matthews / AFPimage captionThe Changing of the Guard ceremony is performed at Windsor Castle, for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

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