Women have reported quarantine hotel guards knocking on the doors asking to come in (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images)

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Women staying alone in quarantine hotels will be given female guards when possible after reports of sexual harassment, the government says.

Sixteen women have reportedly filed complaints of sexual harassment after returning to the UK hotels from red list countries.

Officials have vowed to offer women protection after complaints included one woman who said a male guard had mimed having sex in a lift, and another asked for a hug.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) confirmed female guards will be assigned to lone women where possible.

It comes after a BBC investigation into woman's allegations about guards from private security firms at multiple hotels where guests were undergoing the £1,750, 10-day quarantine.

The complaints include a guest who claimed she and her sister were asked by guards about their sexual preferences – with one speculating they liked big penises – while another knocked on their door after midnight.

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Some women said they felt scared to leave their rooms after guards repeatedly knocked on their doors (stock photo)
(Image: Getty)

Another guest told the BBC a guard knocked on her door and asked if she wanted to get some fresh air and when she said no asked if he could "watch a movie and chill" in her room.

Another woman claimed a guard called her "beautiful" and "baby" on the bus from Heathrow to her hotel, before getting "too close" late at night in an alley leading to its entrance, and asking which man had "got such a perfect woman."

Former hotel quarantine guest Sarah, 23, was critical of the government's plan to have two male guards chaperone each other when a female guard wasn't available.

The Manchester medical student told the BBC a guard she was expecting to take her on an exercise break via the nearest lift instead grabbed her by the arm.

She claims he asked if she had a boyfriend, and then showed her to a group of other guards, who laughed at her.

She said she would find two male guards intimidating and worried it would merely increase the risk they may team up to harass women.

According to the BBC, another woman said she received 13 Facebook messages from a hotel guard who called her "dear" and "sweetheart".

Brittany Dodds, 26, said the guard then knocked on her door of her quarantine room in May, writing: "this evening I'll come."

She says she barricaded herself in with her bags while he knocked on her door.

One hotel guest said she was harassed after travelling back to the UK from red-list Dubai
(Image: Getty Images)

She claims he then came knocking again complaining loudly after she had asked for a different guard to escort her to and from her room.

"At this point I was shaking and had no words because I knew that he was now following me," Brittany says.

She didn't leave her room again until the 10 nights of her quarantine were over.

Another complainant said the guard knocked repeatedly on her door then left a note saying she was "fit" and asking her to message him.

Katherine Godolphin, 46, told the BBC's June investigation of a "disgusting" experience with a guard at a hotel after returning from working on a conservation and anti-poaching project in Zimbabwe.

"He was just disgusting, he made kind of humping motions at me in the lift," she said.

She said she was shocked but didn't complain at first, thinking it would be an isolated incident,..

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She claims the same guard accompanied her on her exercise break the following day and started feeling between his legs in a lift.

She claimed he told her his testicles were burning and he needed to "empty" them.

Katherine said she was "absolutely horrified.

She had to be accompanied back to her room by him.

Feeling nervous, once she got back into her room she internally bolted the door behind her.

Another complainant, Marie Sidwell, a 28-year-old nurse from Nottingham, returned to hotel quarantine after working throughout the pandemic in Dubai.

An investigation has been launched into the women's allegations (stock photo)
(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

She told the BBC how she had ordered some Amazon parcels and the items were brought up to her room by a G4S employee.

Marie said he asked her if she played cricket and said "she reminded him of someone".

She said he asked to take a selfie with her and when she rejected his request and reminded him she was supposed to be quarantining, he replied it was OK because he was negative'.

She claims as she stepped back into her room he stepped forward and asked for a hug.

Marie said she panicked and quickly shut the door.

She called the hotel reception to complain and claims she was told they would look into it and that she wouldn't see the guard again.

She was shocked when the same guard brought a Deliveroo package to her room several days later.

"I couldn't believe it really, I was so shocked and just shut the door straight away," she said.

Marie said she became terrified after hearing that the hotel, which she described as full of male security guards, had cards which allowed them to open any guest's door at the hotel.

She worried he would come into her room.

G4S said at the time it did not tolerate behaviour that undermined the high standards of conduct experimented from staff and that it would investigate allegations of wrongdoing.

A government spokesperson said complaints were being investigated.

"Sexual harassment and abuse are abhorrent – and all allegations of this are taken extremely seriously.

"We are doing our utmost to ensure every person in managed quarantine gets the support they need and we’re urgently working to investigate complaints of this nature.

“We expect hotels to do everything they can to keep people safe and to address concerns raised by guests, as well as raising with us where needed.

“We will not hesitate to take immediate action to suspend staff where appropriate and report to the police if necessary.”