A woman who shielded for nine months was killed on her first day out after being hit by a lorry while searching for a face mask in her handbag.

Sarah Lewis was struck by the vehicle on November 16, 2020 after stepping into its blind spot while untangling a face covering from her belongings.

Ms Lewis, who was 62, had been shielding since the first lockdown because she was deemed clinically vulnerable.

She left her home in Weymouth, Dorset for the first time since the start of the pandemic to drop her car off for its MOT, and crossed the road to Lynch Lane after waiting for a taxi.

It was at this point that a lorry reversed onto the street and hit Ms Lewis, who became trapped underneath.

Karl Stanton, the driver of the vehicle, told an inquest in Bournemouth that he had turned his radio off and checked his mirrors before reversing.

“On that day, I could just not see anybody at all,” he said, adding that Ms Lewis did not appear to have noticed the lorry until it was too late.

The inquest was not told why Ms Lewis was clinically vulnerable, although her family asked for donations to the British Heart Foundation when her death was announced in a local newspaper.

PC Kelvin Edge, a forensic collision investigator, said Mr Stanton did not have many options due to the number of parked cars in the street, and that he would have made the same manoeuvre in the circumstances.

She concluded that Ms Lewis had died from her injuries caused by the accident.