Beans the sausage dog with his wheels (Image: Instagram @beans_thesausage)

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A sausage dog has become a TikTok sensation after being captured using his wheels on the streets of London.

His private number plate ‘BE4N5’ has seen people in the city shout his name across the dog park, and sneakily take photos of the pooch on the tube.

Beans has only been using his wheels for a few months, after waking up on Christmas morning unable to walk.

His owner, Hanna Wilkinson, aged 27, said: “In April 2020 Beans had an episode of pain and he wasn’t himself. He was diagnosed with mild Intervertebral disk disease (IVDD) and prescribed pain medication. Within a week or two, he was back to his usual self, but we had to keep him on crate rest.

“On Christmas morning we woke up and he just couldn’t walk. We’d been for a big walk the day before and he’d been fine but he’d pooed in the bed and he looked so scared and upset.

Beans has been using his wheels now for four months
(Image: Instagram: @beans_thesausage)

“He couldn’t move his back legs at all and his little face was so sad. We took him to the vets and they gave him pain medication and anti-inflammatories.

“On Boxing Day he went in for his MRI scan and straight into surgery.”

In cases like Beans’, one in five dogs have to be put to sleep, and of those that survive, half of them will never be able to walk again.

Hanna, an East London theatre wardrobe assistant, added: “On the scan his spine had gone white, which could mean the nerves had died, which would continue up the spine and eventually be fatal. But it turns out it was just a big internal bleed – which was the better option. He slipped a disc which hit another disc and ruptured it.”

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Following surgery to save his spine, Beans was on strict crate rest with physiotherapy, and within months was trying to run around on just his front legs.

The Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD charity donated a stroller, which meant that Beans could carry on exploring the world whilst he was in recovery, before he upgraded to his wheels in March.

Hanna added: “When he started feeling better he really wanted to run so we decided to get him some wheels, and my friend ordered him a number plate from Etsy, which is actually designed to go on those childrens’ remote control cars.

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“Whenever we’re walking around London I hear people go ‘Omg, look at that dog’ and after we’ve gone past you hear them shout ‘Beans!’

“I see people all the time trying to take a subtle photo in the park or on the tube."

A recent TikTok video by user @queerboudica captured Beans walking down the street, and has been viewed over 400,200 times. The voiceover said: "I saw this angel on my way home. It turns out that angels do exist. A sweet perfect baby bean."

Hanna added: “A few weeks ago all my friends were sending me a video that had gone viral on TikTok asking if it was Beans. I had spotted the girl behind me but I had no idea she was filming Beans. It’s so funny, and people are welcome to come over and say hello and chat about him. He’s like a little celebrity.”