Alfie the dachshund and Olive the African pygmy hedgehog (Image: Instagram alfie_the_dash)

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“What came first, the hedgehog, or the sausage dog?” – in this particular story, it was Olive, the African pygmy hedgehog.

When April Millen spotted a hedgehog as a beloved pet on Instagram, she spent hours researching how to care for one, and has since had three of her own.

She got Olive a few weeks after the passing of her previous hog, and Alfie the dachshund was welcomed into the family soon after.

April. 26 from Oxfordshire, said: “I saw an African pygmy hedgehog on Instagram and researched the care of them, and Olive is my third one now! I’ve had Olive for two years now and got Alfie a few weeks later.

Alfie and Olive sharing a LickiMat together
(Image: Instagram alfie_the_dash)

“They were both fine when I introduced them to each other, and they got on from the get go.”

Alfie and Olive play together, cuddle together, and even share a LickiMat together.

April added: “When I get Olive out and they play together, Olive crawls all over Alfie, it’s so funny.

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“I’d always wanted a dog and I’d been wanting to get a sausage dog. It was just a coincidence that I ended up getting them near the same time and they’ve just always got along.

“I threw Alfie a birthday party with people I’ve met through owning him and it’s such a social thing, I wish I’d gotten a dog years ago.”

A few weeks ago Olive lost one of her eyes, but it hasn’t stopped her playing rough and tumble with her sausage dog brother.

The 26-year-old added: “I finished work one day and let Olive out and noticed her eye had popped out and the vets still have no idea why. They tried to save it but it kept coming out so they removed it.

Olive lost one of her eyes a few weeks ago
(Image: Instagram alfie_the_dash)

“It doesn't seem to bother her and it's perfectly healed now.

“Alfie and Olive really love each other. I’m guessing Olive isn't scared of him because she could spike him if she wanted to.

“He never gets over excited around her and they both sleep in my bedroom too so I think they’ve just got used to each other.”